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Thursday, May 06, 2004

And they say I believe in conspiracy theory?:), check this email, its from Tim:

H Khalid,

Rape and Torture pictures - True or False?

I think that what may be happening is this... There are real pictures... And
there false pictures...

Maybe the Psychological Operations (PsyOps) and Intelligence people have
become very worried about the real pictures and so are sending out false
pictures so that all pictures become suspicious. Some websites and
newspapers have received pictures anonymously which is understandable if
this is to protect the senders of genuine pictures but also it can allow
false pictures to be received.

If you think about the work of PsyOps it would be seen as quite normal to do
this. They could pretend that there is an Iraqi "black propaganda unit" that
is doing it. They would secretly tell the Government this lie and say "well
we have to do something against this as part of the propaganda war" and then
make some pictures that are really easy to expose as fakes. Then they
circulate them, so it creates a sensation in the media the Government say
"well if it is true this is wrong and of course we will send the people who
did it to prison but first give us time to investigate this". After a few
days they say photographic experts have exposed them as false and their is
another sensation in the media.

After that when more real pictures come out people have doubts even if they
understand that at least some of them must be true.

This sort of uncertainty weakens the impact so that first thought of the
ordinary person when they see the next torture pictures is not "Oh how
terrible" but "Oh are they genuine?".

So far no one has accused the Iraqi resistance of doing this but that comes
next, with some "proof" of course.

Then no one can be sure what is true or what is lies.


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