Tell Me a Secret

Monday, April 05, 2004

Its really "funny" what happenning in iraq!
Sadir people are taking over..they are actually re-ocupying the country.
where else can that happen?!
and i am gonna tell you you know that Sadir is about 23 yrs or something?
another fact: do you know that he has no importance as a person for shee'aa at all?
its only that his father was an important leader of shee'aa.
and you knwo what else?
this guy actually "controls" few MILLIONS of people!!
did you see them on the news?? they actually took over the governorate building in Basra..and made problems all over iraq.
next saturday..
is a very important she'ee day..usually..the city gets in realll mess...but this year..and in this situation.
i DONT wana be in iraq., The World's Blog Aggregator