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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

i missed u!
no actually i missed myself in the blog..after all am the only one who is allowed to be here..right? :)
i wana tell u something..
life without a mother sucks!
mom is still in jordan..she will be in baghdad inshalla in two days..please god...take good care of her..we already miss her.
the house is so blue without her..and dad os inventing a new dish every day..and make us eat it.
no one take care of me.
no one makes me brakefast.
no one yells at this is boring.
am in baghdad again..the city that i love.
a friend told me today that americans usually prefer to order something..chinese or a pizza...rather than kocking themselves.
mom was telling me that america is ahead..cause they spend the time we spend eating and inventing new dishes ...they spend that time thinking and working.
am thinking : what the hell? what a life when u can send a man to mars but cant have a delecious meal!
see? thats why we love our culture:)
i wana share this with you too:
will u americans ..pleaaasseee....try to pronounce our names the right way?
the other day i was talking to someone..and he asked me about my name..i said..."am khalid" he said.." h..your name is amkhalid" i was about to beat him up :)
my friend,, hali ...was talking to someone and he asked her about her name..she said " oh..hali" so he said "your name is ohali !"
let alone the is a disaster..basically.. u can tell that this man is an american tourist by his funny shirt and the way he pronounces your name.
knwo what?
NY and California...rock! all people who send me from these two states are lovely! and they all are against the war..and they dont seem to love bush (i know julie..except u) too...would someone explain that to me?
ofcource great people can be found everywhere...specially infront of my monitor :)
god..its too hard to be humble:)
know the secrets that i asked you to send me? am gonna blog some of them..after i took the permission from those who sent it ofcource....great stories..really.
i wana say one more thing.
u know river bend? she hates me! i dont know why! we sent many mails to each other..and it was great..she is a very nice person..and then....she just didnt reply! ouch!
can anyone know why?
yalla i have to go..i have something to do...its a secret..but am gonna tell u about it later.
ahh..just let me tell u this...i have a lovely aunt..who lives in jordan ....she read my blog....and after that she came to me saying "now i discovered who is your secret love " i was terrified..i said "what?" she said" now i know her..he name is gona.." i was astonished...what is she talking about? she explained " i read your blog..and she is writting with u there..she said ( am gona..) " i remembered that i always write " am gona do this.."
i said nothing...and few days later she discovered that my so-called secret love is a spelling mistake :)
i love my aunt...she is very lovely (did i mention that before? ) ( i know i did..just incase she is reading this)remember nada ? the one that we went to geather to mcdonalds and dunkin donuts? she says hi to everyone...
she is very lovely too :) (am sure he is reading this)
yalla i have to date..ahh..amm...i meen my secret is waiting for me..
take caress..


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