Tell Me a Secret: What IF They Were Your Children?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What IF They Were Your Children?

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Blogger David L. Cade said...

You know what they’re saying? Oh, you know something’s happened, really happened this time, when they’re saying what they’re saying around the coffee rooms, pouring their hot tea and European flavors of decaf and hot roasted from that old rather poorly-cleaned coffee maker that no one in the office is willing to admit knowing as to its age or origin. It’s like being unwilling to admit to liking cheap afternoon talk shows; no one in their right mind recalls when that office coffee maker, with all that brown-stained glass and metal, first made its appearance on the counter, and even more so, no one admits not having been exact in placing the voluntary dime in the till to help recoup the cost of all those little bags of java.
And so yes, they’re saying Israel did it. That Israel really did it this time. No one’s arrested Israel yet; the authorities are repeating what Israel says happened; but the neighbors are talking about what happened, and they’re saying Israel did it.
It was rather bloody; they say. And the poor kids? What’s going to happen to the kids? But they found the victim, and Israel says it wasn’t their fault. Someone else is to blame for the bloody scene in Gaza. And that chemical warfare, those clouds of white you thought almost poetic drifts of Mediterranean mists around the tell-tale bombs going ‘poof’ - poof there goes another Palestinian child to the hospital with a baptism of blood on its head - those are not puffs of air; those are almost certainly poisonous flesh-searing phosphorous weapons that no one in the pre-Third Intifada era would have dared suggest would be used.
Made off with another massacre, they say Israel did. Anyway, that’s what they’re saying. The authorities at the UN and whoever’s in charge for the final moments of the Bush era at the White House, they’re not saying much. You know how it is: innocent until proven guilty. Not my idea of innocence revisited, what’s been done to Gaza.
Poor Gazans. Israel claims someone else is to blame, someone else should be blamed for Gaza taking a merciless beating. Someone must have broken into the house of Gaza thinking they’d find food and since the poor house was already starving, took it out on the Palestinians and Israel just looks guilty.
Do not judge by appearances in this historic venture into unmapped territory about the occupied territories as we venture into the twenty-first century.
And the office crowd, when they’re taking their break and haven’t anything else to gossip about, ask, “Say again? They think Israel did it?”
And the queen or king of the break room at the moment, hopeful no one is making a secret video to embarrass them years later with suggestions of racist intent, politically correct to the utmost degree, replies, “Well, the neighbors are coming forward and saying Israel has done this sort of thing before, beaten up on Gaza, but no one could ever prove it; no one has been willing to file charges with the UN.”
“Oh,” comes the shocked reply and they go back to their work, enlightened as to another round of current history that cannot be glossed over with the customary U.S. approval.
They say. So they say. Let them say it this time: boycott Israel. They say. You know what they’re saying. This time Israel has gone too far. It may have had a reputation of respectability; one word of criticism and the Israelis denounce you as a Holocaust denier; but they’re saying Israel did it.
But this time? Will it be different this time? Seen any heroes in the movies recently? Plenty of them, all the superhuman guys making millions for their studios. Where is the superhuman savior of all those innocent victims of the Israeli invasion? I have news. It does not take a superhuman to try to save innocent victims of illegal wars. Ever hear of the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY? In all your college philosophy courses, no doubt. No, I mean a small ship called the “Spirit of Humanity” that volunteers plan to take to sea from Cyprus on Monday January 13th while half the world is hyped-up beyond belief looking for more money, and they plan to take doctors and medicine and journalists in that little boat no Hollywood filmmaker would want as a throwaway yacht along the coast of southern California let alone in his high budget film about a superhuman hero who only exists in fantasy and the real life heroes plan to break the blockade of Gaza using that little boat, a second attempt!
Life is full of second chances, if you have enough strength to make a second attempt. Pity the poor dead and injured Palestinians without enough strength left to evade the next Israeli missile fired at their homes.
David Lawrence Cade
Oklahoma, USA

1/11/2009 05:54:00 PM  
Blogger Majda said...

You know what? I honestly don't know what I'd do if they were my children. Just looking at these pics make me want to cry and I don't even know these people. Just looking at these images make me feel pain. I can't imagine how I'd feel if it was my little boy or girl.

God help Gaza.

1/12/2009 02:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - somehow, people in the US don't see these unless they read Middle Eastern blogs.

Like Majda, I don't know what I'd do if these happened to my child, or one of the adorable children of my friends or neighbors. It is heart-wrenching.

1/14/2009 03:34:00 PM  
Blogger Sabchi Kelmik said...

Hi there, Im a student from the united states and I came across your blog through the livesstrong blog I was reading for a class study. These pictures are really sad, and I dont think that people in the US even have a clue because the media only shows us fighting and more fighting and the US soldiers dying, but they dont show the innocent children. I wish our media showed more of both sides so the US people can see what is actually happening in the Middle East.

10/11/2009 10:40:00 PM  
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