Tell Me a Secret: 06/01/2008 - 07/01/2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

we need some money

Hi everyone, we need donations to help two cases, two Iraqi patients in need of medical help.
One is a young man, about 25, he has cancer. we just started chemo therapy and its working, his tumor is responding very well, doctors expect it to shrink enabling him to have an operation to remove it, its a tumor the size of a football on the side of his face and neck. we realy, really need money.

The other case is a women in her 50s, she broke her Hip, now she had an operation and she is healing, we have a cumilating hospital bill, and she is out of money, she doesn't have money to even change the bandates anymore. she is in the hospital.

If you want to help, i would connect you to the hospital directly so you can pay the bills. the woman has a bill of about 900 JDs ($1300) already, and she needs money now to get her daily medicine, which costs about 35 JDs ($50) a day. The young man needs about 650 JDs (about $900) for each cycle of chemotherapy, the next cycle will be in two weeks or so, we covered the previous one.

Please email me if you want to medical reports, photos, names, full information.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

HA! Breaking Stereotypes :D

Majid my brother and his Canadian Fiance went to Petra in the south of Jordan, which is now one of the seven wonders of the world, and there they decided to ride a camel as that service is availabel to the visitors of Petra, embarresengly enough it was his first time to ride a camel, and her third, haaaaaahhhahahahaha, knowing that she had her two first camel rides in Canada, heheheehehei can't stop laughing at this :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That's Engineer Khalid to you! :D

It took seven years of my life. nearly eight, to graduate. about five of them in Baghdad, untill i had to leave only couple of weeks before graduation because of what happened to me, i only had the final exams to do to graduate when it happened and i had to leave, and come to Jordan where i had to re-do about 3 years due to differences in the educational systems.

Now it's all over, and finally i can introduce myself as: Jarrar, Khalid Jarrar (:p) Water and Environment Engineer.

How freakign cool is that? :D you gotta admit it's very, very cool :D

It still didn't hit me really, i still can't believe that i won't have to do any exams anymore. For now at least :D and once i got the results of my last final exams, i started working two days later or so, i worked with a group of nice Americans on a project that is hoped to help Iraqi refugees. And now that they are gone (super, super sad) this is, today, the very first day of my life, when i woke up and thought: okkkk.. now what? :D

For the last 19 years of my life, i woke up knowing that i have to get up and go to primary school. or secondary school. or high school. or university in iraq. or university in amman. even in the holidays its not like today, in the holidays you wake up thinking: oh its a holiday i am gonna relax what a nice feeling i gotta make good use of this day because tomorrow, or next week, or 2 months from now, i will have to go back to work again.

but now i am sort of like... total blank :D

ok ok, i do have some 3 trillion plans, but i am still in the stage where i am not sure which one will take place, which one do i really want more than the rest of the 3 trillions, or possibly what will happen is not among them at all in the first place.

Let's leave that to God to decide :D

Back to me, i am happy, i am fine, i can't beleive i graduated finally, very grateful to God :), The World's Blog Aggregator