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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Fourth Year

The fourth year has arrived.
and counting.
my biggest fear is that i will be sitting on a chair every year, posting about the fifth year, seventh year, 20th year of occupation and it's harvest of blood, pain and disappointment.

The policy and decision makers of the United states of American has turned into the most arrogant idiots, drunk with power to the point that they can't drive their way home from Iraq anymore.

We have a saying: God supports a just nation even if it was an infidel nation, and destroys an unjust one even if it believed in him. And it's about the time to say it, USA have became the unjust nation that needs to be removed, not removed off the map with a nuclear bomb i mean, but removed from it's position as the leader of the world.
USA doesn't have the moral superiority propaganda on it's side anymore. It's a mere mission of greed and aggression that its leading in the world now: If we don't like you, we shoot you. If you don't give us your wealth, we shoot you, and if you don't like us for doing this to others, we gladly shoot you too.

This has to come to an end.

I don't see hope in the elections system in the states, or in the government structure as it is, to make any changes in that unjust country and change it's leading imperialist mentality that is messing the world now, and planning to mess it far more in the future.

I remember an old cartoon, of Santa standing over a hill looking at a city full of chimneys and thinking: why me?!

And this is what people living in our region wonder often: why us? why do you wanna hurt us? why do you wanna occupy us? why can't you just leave us live alone? is it the oil? what a bloody curse it is, it brought us nothing but agony, just take it and go away. Just like what you would say when a thief faces you in an ally at the middle of the night: "take my wallet, but please don't hurt me". That's how desperate people are.

for four years I have been pleading for peaceful ways of ending the occupation. Trying to cooperate with the peace movements here and in the states to find a way out, but as we can all notice, our efforts are in vein. The US government cares about nothing at all, nothing, as long as they have the guns and bullets to do what they want to do, they will do it, and you wusses can condemn and protest all you want all around the world; we have the guns and the guts, and we are staying the coarse, they say.

And I personally now don't believe anymore in any of that peace message, simply because it doesn't work. And if you have any preaching about that, keep it to your protests to feel better and then go home to sit safely with your children, and save me the crap, please.

The sad, hurtful truth, is that the one and only thing that works, and will work, is to cause the greatest harm possible to the American army in Iraq and other occupied countries, so much to the points that the politicians, the MPs that vote for the country budget, the media that are all facilitating the continuity of this occupation, are so afraid of the reaction of the other Americans, the good Americans, and believe that they will seriously kill them if they don't stop that occupation, only at that point, the occupation will end.

And here is the thing: "the good MPs" who in this particular subject should be the democrats who are trying to demand to take the troops home, aren't really good at all, they don't give a damn about Iraq or Iraqis, they don't know the first thing about Iraq and Iraqis, they just know for sure that people are so upset in the states, the polls say that people think this war is a total failure, and what a greater opportunity than this: go with the wave and demand what people in the streets want to get back to the office, all the way till the next democrat president's urges drives him to have sex with someone in the white house that is naturally not his wife and hopefully a woman.

Back to our point, even those upset Americans wouldn't have been so upset, (well the very most of them at least to give credit to the really good ones that i call the heroes), if they didn't see that their army is failing, and that more and more body bags are flying home, and more and more billions of their own money is being spent on somewhere other than their own needs and schools and health care. which totally makes sense of course if you disregard the tiny little fact of that those billions are being spent to illegally occupy a country and kill it's people and steal it's natural resources and take away their freedom and enforce a policy on them and install a puppet government that if the Americans themselves weren't protecting it's members 24/7 people would have eaten them alive, and if you disregard that fact that the real problem is actually the part of the army that is not in body bags, yet.

you would say that this talk is too harsh, and that would make us lose the sympathy of the international community.
international community my ass. Where were they for the last four years? Just too afraid to say no to America or simply don't care to. They didn't prevent the war and they still yet didn't end the occupation. So I really don't give a damn about their sympathy, it obviously and as proven by experience doesn't do much anyways.

I say again: if it wasn't that the American army is losing by all means, most of Americans wouldn't have moved a hand, or a tongue to demand the withdrawal of the army from Iraq.
So after all, resistance does work.
of course it does work. Haven't you read the history?
Any occupied people revolt immediately or eventually, and when people do, armies never stand a chance, says history.
Yes the resistance, the national patriot resistance, the one that is attacking the American army and the other occupying armies, and everyone that helps them and protects them. Not the terrorists that are killing Iraqis, weather Sunna or Shea, no not those. Those nobody knows who they are and where were they before the occupation, they somehow grew and flourished under the umbrella of the occupation, and i dare say as a direct reason of it; when Bramer created the concept of the sectarian based distribution of government, it all started, and that was over a year after the war, so for a whole year Iraqis were heavily loaded with weapons and under a completely safe environment, and they didn't jump on each other, no sectarian tension was registered that led to battles, no Iranian or Iranian based militias killing Sunna and definitely no Sunni militias killing Shea too, neither, and if you go to Jordan or Syria now, there are about a million Iraqi refuge in each of these countries alone, ran out for their lives from the hell-y situation in Iraq, and among those millions of people we never heard till this very moment of any fight or any sort of sectarian based problems, which means that as i said: this sectarian tension was created politically by the occupation: divide and conquer.
But back to what i was saying: The national patriot resistance, the simple everyday Iraqis that can't be self centred and say: let Iraq fight on it's own, we will hide in our houses. No sir, no madam, they didn't. They left their lives and Jobs, as any hero in any occupied country would do, held their weapons and started to fight. And they did indeed make the life of the strongest army in the world a living hell, no doubt,they taught them the lesson: if we bite each other's fingers, you will be the ones to scream first.

Iraqis are in Iraq, the proper place for Iraqi people!, and have no where else to go, and will stay there and will fight there till the end, because simply they are too proud to be occupied, and simply because they have no where else to go after most of the countries in the world decided they won't open their doors to Iraqis and won't hold their burden, countries including USA itself, that accepted a tiny number of Iraqi refuges since the war, a shameful three figures number.
what a shame. what a shame.

And even terrorism itself, which is the killing of innocent people for no crime they did [excluding that done by the occupation at this particular context], is not making the life of the US army any easier too, it's just another indicator of how bad they are running the battle ground and how much they lack the ability to control the security in Iraq. Hell, news here are nothing but the death toll of the day.

So as a conclusion i have to say: That it's shameful enough, and hurtful enough to say, and sad enough yet truthful enough, that for most Americans it actually requires terrorism that kills innocent people, and resistance that kills thousands of Americans and burns billions of American money, to make them demand an end to an occupation, but still basing on their own losses and not because of the feeling of responsibility or guilt over what they did to Iraq, now correct me if i am wrong here, but there is something seriously wrong with this moral equation here.

It sounds to me, that after 4 years of occupation, that America is a nation of selfish people, too busy with their lives and joys to care about how their own country is screwing the world, instead they really concentrate on getting fatter, rockin' and rollin', watching the Oscar night and reality shows -other than the show: "kill all Iraqis", of course- and mourning the slut Anna Nichol Smith. And the "God fearing" ones are chasing gays while clapping to Bush the Ape that his pictures can be used as a scientific evidence of evolution.
what a shame. what a shame.

I bleed inside my heart when i write this and certain names and pictures of certain Americans come to my mind. Sincere truthful people, more Iraqis than the pigs in the green zone are, and more of God people than Bush and his gang can ever be even if some of them are secular, and more humane than a lot of other Americans that know nothing about the world, don't want to know anything about it, and support Bush blindly like he is their own God. And I can imagine the good guys' agony living among those people and trying to enlighten them and teach them that the way to God goes through loving others, and not through killing them and their families. I see them thinking of Iraqis and talking about Iraq everyday and everywhere. Sometimes leaving their country, their homes and lives to come here and see how is it really with their own eyes, and to see what can they do to hold their responsibility as Americans. To see how can they stop their unleashed country from occupying other countries and killing more people and spreading more terror and hate in the world. Yes, it's the responsibility of every American to think that way. If anyone should have the right to be proud of being American and sing the national anthem, it should be those heroes.

Sad fourth birthday hateful spiteful occupation, Sad fourth birthday dear beloved Iraq, i miss you, and i promise you that there will be an end, soon., The World's Blog Aggregator