Tell Me a Secret: 11/01/2006 - 12/01/2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

Saddam verdict

That's THE hot major news all over all kind of media.

Khalid's response: Who cares?

Saddam is nothing but a political card American politicians are playing against the American public.

The day of the fall of Baghdad was the day that Saddam stopped being important to me, he lost the power and became history.

So now after three years of the shameful situation Iraq is in now, all what Bush's administration has to offer the public to gain some voted is Saddam's death.

And what exactly is his death gonna do to improve Iraq or life in Iraq? The sectarian tension or the security situation? The electricity or water? The curfews or the blocked streets? The puppet government or the dirty politicians? The loans of the billions stolen from Iraq as cash or oil since the invasion by Iraqi or Americans politicians?

Nothing at all.

I am not Happy about what's going on, As terrible as Saddam was, and as much as he deserves to be hanged, but definitely it shouldn't be done by occupations but by Iraqis. And those who are killing him, weather the traitors in the Iraqi government or the American officials behind them, deserve that verdict much more.

Here is what I think will happen: Saddam is not gonna be executed now, this small play is just for the current small elections. Now of course the appeal story will start, more and more episodes of Saddam's trial on TV, and then finally on the important elections of 2008, when also the miserable American administration won't have anything to offer to Americans as a shadow of success in Iraq, they will decide that the court decided again that he should be executed, right before the elections, the audience applause, curtain is down.

As our Egyptian brothers say: Ya akhy a77a, o ma3aha shakhra iskandarani.

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