Tell Me a Secret: 05/01/2005 - 06/01/2005

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A family in Baghdad...

You know what you really need to do?
go check mom's blog, and see if her last post is translated yet or not, and if it wasn't, check again later, and later, and later until you find the translation, and when you do, you read it, and then read it again, and then read it another time, and then forward it to your friends, and print a copy and let your family read it, and make another copy and hang it in your office where everyone can see it, that way you know you really did something might get you into the paradise..
is this a mom that one should be proud of or what?
I am studying, my final exams are really close, wish me luck!

Monday, May 16, 2005


I was supposed to go to the university today because I have very important things to do, but when I woke up I was very lazy and tired and decided to shower and leave a bit late.
after I dressed up and left the house a friend called me from the university:
F: Khalid where are you
me: I am coming I m coming!
F: DON'T!!!
me: whyyy???
F: something exploded in the university now, some people were killed and some were injured, they evacuated the university, DON'T COME.
me: OMG! Where when how why???
F: I was.....The......Outside the......
me: what?
F: I...
and we lost connection.
I called other friends, and they all said the same thing, no one has information about what really happened yet, but it seems that a mortar fell inside the university.
I will let you know when I have any more information.

Upadate: It seems tha it was Katyosha (sp?) a smal missle, not a morter.
at least four students were killed, including one girl that i know, and many were injured.

This girl was D. , a very nice girl, short with big beautiful eyes, everyone used to call her " Tweety".
she was truly one of the special people in the university, that kind of people that you feel that something is missing if she wasn't around.
May her soul rest in piece.

D is alive! D is alive! :))
we just found out, that it wasn't her that was killed, another girl that looks like her :*(((
it's not easy to identify bodies in such accidents :*(((
But Saad, the head of security of the University, who is a husband and a father, who was injured this morning just died, i just heard from the hospital. :*(((
He was a very Kind person, he allowed me to Enter the camera inside the campus when i made the films for CBC, no one would let me get them in because of the security situation, but he allowed me on his own responsibility knowing that it might get him in trouble.
Pray for the Saad, may God have someone pray for you when you need it.

anonymousity, not cool!

Since we are in the imaginary blog sphere, where we all have imaginary friends that we care about although we are not sure they exist, i can't understand why do we have to be anonymous? we can use any nick names if not our real names just to keep everything transparent, everyone has the right to say his opinion, why hide?
so from now no you need to be a blogger to comment, how do you become a blogger? FIVE easy steps:
1. you go to .
2. you say a small prayer before you start doing this, cause once you start, there is no way back.
3+4+5. three very easy staps that takes less than one minute.

after that you can take a breath, and say: I am a blogger! it will sound funny but it would be true, cause you would be a blogger.
it will feel good, says many people.
after that you can use the log-in name and password you chose there to log in when you comment here, or in any other blogs that require a blogger profile to comment.
someone i know, is working on cleaning the comments section from adds and spam.
thank you, have a good day.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Not Again!

I got home yesterday to find that a car-bomb exploded just couple of hours before, about 100 meter away only from our house.
I entered the house and saw the pieces of glass and decorations on the ground...
"Not again!" I told myself.
I checked on the neighbors to see if they all were alright, and then went to the explosion site, in front of one of the most poplar markets in the area, one Iraqi woman died, few injured and many cars were burned, and heaps of broken glass shrapnel on the ground around the site.
"terrorists "....
I told myself...
"Criminal terrorists".
before the war, I don't remember having terrorists putting car-bombs in front of local markets.
before the occupation, I don't even remember that I knew the term car-bomb.
Since last year, a rate of 50-60 attacks per day against the occupation were recorded, and among these 50-60 attacks, a very small minority causes any loses in lives or damages to properties, but chose any day, like the day of this car-bomb, and you will find the occupation forces and the government reporting to the media almost only the attacks that hurt civilians or properties, just as a part of the government's/occupation's efforts to discredit resistance, as if resistance is responsible for all terrorism that is taking place in Iraq.
One day terrorism will go away, and by terrorism I mean the occupation, and all it's tails, and the rest of the terrorists right after.
resistance? Cool
terrorism? NOT cool!
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