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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Life is so short, and days go so fast.
watch your breathes, your life is made out of them, and you are losing it as each one of them goes out, this is an old saying for a Moslem scholar.
I wish we can generate more of it.
I remember myself, sitting in the class in the kindergarten.
today, we had the graduation party!
it doesn't mean that I graduated, I still have to pass the final exams, but still, we had the whole thing, the pictures, the party, I knew that we are living a day that will be categorized in my memory under " the good old days".
yesterday was the day we took the photos, wearing suits (I bought my first suit ever, heh) and standing with the dean and the head of the department and the staff, and then a small party.
today is the big party, with the DJ and all, we don't have the ceremonies that you think about when you hear about a graduation party, we don't have the big stupid hat anymore, heh, since the eighties I think, and parents rarely attend the party, its just a day when all people are dressed very very nice, and there are music and celebrations ALL over the university, everywhere, with aloooot of decorations, and many funny posters and cartoons about students, made by a selected group from each class.
and all departments compete to make their celebrations better, their decorations cool-er, their arrangements and preparations more attractive.
yes, its definitely one of the good days.
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