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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Today, was full of explosions.
i didnt leave the house, and the same goes for so many families.
i saw the press conference of the "highest commission for the elections" who organized, supposadly, everyting in the elections, right after the voting centers closed, 5 pm this afternoon.
the journalists asked the excecutive director: how did you know that the percentage of the voters in iraq is 72% like you announced?
he asnwered: "well, the head of every voting center estimated that basing on the length of the line of the voters as he saw it!"
hehehe! see how sceintific? how accurate? he actually said that!
the way the voting happened, is that you go to the voting center, and you go to the man that is your ration dealer, the one that you take the ration from him every month, so you tell him that you are gonna vote, he marks your name on his list, and then you vote!!!
that way the goverment will know exactly who voted and who didnt, two dealers said that the next years' card won't be given to those who didnt vote..
Tara, my great producer and wonderful friend, designed a joke, i gave it to a freind of mine here in baghdad to draw it but i couldnt scan it because no shops are openned in baghdad, anyways, its for Bush removing the curtain and producing the new Iraqi president, Mr. 245 ( a number only, the president doesnt think its safe to reveal his name) and the picture of the Iraqi president, wearing a cover on his face, like the national guard.
well it's very much possible in Iraq today!
there is a very funny thing that i noticed in baghdad, when you face a police check point, you find a small street to the right, right before the check point!
well, its in the manual, if you dont know, that check point should be put in a palce where you cant neither turn back nor go anywhere once you see the checkpoint, so once you see it its over, you cant avoid it, but the Iraqi police understand that so many people carry personal weapons, and maybe some of the resistanse people would be going from that road loaded with PRGs, if that's the case, they are willing usually to attack any check point to go through, so the police just want to go home safe, why go through all the trouble? put the check point after a tun to the right! so then anyone with weapons goes to the right, anyone without weapons goes through the check point, and everyone is happy and satisfied!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
hope You are still alive..a l i v e (do you people still know what this word means..?)

I live far in the south of your country.
I live in RĂ©union Island, and the unique explosions you may ear here are those of the volcano...Thanks for these pieces of life in Bagdad.I hope for you, for your family
i hope things are changing for the better soon.
For me counting back will start on 15 january 2007.Seven years of poor cows are ending, seven years of fat cows are
I'm preparing,day after day.
Get prepared you too...Change people around You, man.

...What is Hope?
.....Great civilisations disappeared thousand years ago...But a base of them underlived for long in the "dark" and will raise again.
Always get and give an alternative to yourself and to the others..
Ciao ...

11/22/2006 03:31:00 PM  
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