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Saturday, January 15, 2005

I am sure that you heard of a programm called the millioner, of cource this program has been re-produced so many times in so may countries around the world, in the Arab homeland, the program had the name " who is gonna win the million?", the host was George Qirdahi, who did great work in that program and became very famous all over the Arab world.
George Qirdahi started a new show lately called "open up your heart" or soemthign like that, the idea is that if you hurt someone very bad and you want to apologize for him in a very special way, you go to the show company and tell them the name of the person you want to apologize to, and they invite him to come ot the show, in Lebanon, they pay for the plane tickets and everything, but they dont tell you who invited you to apologize to you.
now the host makes an interview with the person that wants to apologize, and asks him to tell the audionce what exactly did he do to that other person, that made him want to apologize this way!
so if you are invited to go to the show, you go not knowing who invited you, during the show time, you sit in the same hall with the person that invited you, without knowing that, cause you would be seperated by a courtain, and the host tells the invited person the name of the person that invited him, and asks him about the story between them, and then gives him the choice to open the curtain and see that person to accept his apology, or not to open it and just go home.
I saw it for the first time last night (or was it the night before?) and when the host interviewd the guily guy, Hamze, to know what did he do to Muneer, he said: well Muneer was my best friend, and he took care of me, and he is a wounderful person, but he was in love with a girl, and i fell in love with that same girl so i tried all i can to seperate between them till serious problems happened between them, and i used to live with Muneer in the same house, so i used to pick up the phone, and when its a call form work to Muneer i would usually tell them that he isnt there or that he is sleeping so he was fiered form his job because of that!, but after a while i felt bad about what i did to Muneer and went to apologize to him, he was among his friends, and he didnt accept my apology, so i was so angry cause i thought that i didnt do anything to be treated this way! and i sent a msg to his girl telling her that Muneer is seeing many other girls while i know its not true, and i sent a msg to his father telling him that Muneer is in a relation with a girl and he is about to marry her without your knowledge, or osmethign like that (which isnt true too) !
I couldnt stop laughing, I laughed and laughed and laughed, I mean he totally distroyed Muneer's life, he ruined the relation between him and his fiance, the relation between Muneer and hsi father, he was the reason Muneer was fired from his job, and yet he didnt think that he did anything bad enough, to the point that Muneer wouldnt accpet his apology!
this incident rang some bells inside my head:
now you go to a country to occupy it for no legal reason (is there any legal reaosn to occupy a country?) and you bomb it and you kill thousands and thousands and distroy the infra structure and and and and...then you act really surprised when you see the reasction, the resistance?!
You must know very clearly, that resistance is made of iraqi people mostly, supported by others form defferent arab countries, and that people support resistance widely, but they condemn terrorism, everyone condems the killing of innocent people, Quran states that whoever kills an innocent soul is like he killed every soul ever created!
"insurgancy" as the americanas call it, is the natural responce for the occupation, people support it, and fund it, and protect those who are involved in it, otherwise, how come no one ever reported the resistance people? excpet for spies that are paid for that?
do Iraqis support killing police?
well, we need the police to control the crimes, and we need them to keep security so that the occupation doesnt use the excuse of "protecting Iraqis" to stay in Iraq, but no one can defend the national guards, they are nothing but the right hand of the occupation, they were the first to kill Iraqis in Falluja and in Najaf and everywhere, they protect the American army and fight side by side with them, they are mercenaries, they kill their own people, and cooperate with the occupation, for less than $300 a month.
Iraq is an Arabic land, %95 of the population are moslims, and the rest are mostly christians, we lived together in peace since ever, and hopefully will for ever.
Americans are occupation Forces, anyone that helps the occupation to stay one day longer is a legal target for the resistance, traitory isnt a "point of view" at all.
we believe in peace, we want to live in peace, enough wars! enough killing! but being silent while getting killed doesnt mean that you are peaceful, it means that you are weak, and only days will show which is stronger, the will of Iraqis or the weapons of Americans?
lets wait and see!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just finished watching a television documentery about your family and life in Iraq. It was televised by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and really made me think (for a change)about the average Iraqi citizen. Too often, our media focuses on tragedies and terrible events in your country - usually deadly explosions of various types. Then, invariably, the news anchorperson simply moves on to another story - maybe one about a cat stuck in a tree. Its all just "information", without a shred of REALITY.

As a result, we don't see how the ordinary person in Iraq is forced to live. I can't imagine how it would be to live a place that only gets more dangerous and desperate as the days pass.

The ongoing struggle of your family has touched me. I wish all of you better days and a reunion (in your family home!) as soon as possible. You deserve that. Best of luck and stay safe. You've helped make Iraqi daily life more REAL for me.

Thank You.

An Average Working-Class Canadian in an Average Small Town

British Columbia

7/17/2005 07:42:00 PM  
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