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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I know I know….I missed you all too!
I am so sorry for being away for such a long time. I have been very busy, then I thought of you poor people, there must be millions of you opening their eyes every morning hoping to find a new post from me, so I thought, why don’t I blog and make you all happy?
Hehe I know, I am so great, and so modest too;)
I know what is it that you want to talk about…
Oh, wait that is what I always love to talk about, I am sure you want to know about boring stuff like art and stuff right?
Hoofff…ok, what can I do, there are so many of you and only one of me! I will do
What you want;)
Are you into theatre?
Cause you are all about to witness one of the biggest and most expensive ones in the history: The Elections in Iraq.
If you're asking me (and I am sure you are, since you took the effort of remembering my URL and actually came here, again!), I think that the elections are nothing but an American game to give some kind of legitimacy to their presence in Iraq, by creating a government that supposedly is a legal Iraqi government, that is authorized "legally" to ask them to stay in Iraq, and will justify then, the much harsher attacks against anyone that resists their presence, the excuse will then be that: The elected Iraqi government asked us to do so and so.
Well, the same thing is happening now, but since the Americans are getting more and more embarrassed everyday for the shameful results of their occupation, what's better than giving Iraqis the "democracy" and "freedom "to the point that they themselves can ask the Americans to stay?
Very funny ha? Haha? Well I don’t think so.
This is the biggest theatre and the lowest one I ever saw, the first elections in the history were people don’t know who is running, and the ones that are running never announced any political or economical agenda, we don’t even know their names for crying out loud, they are too afraid to announce their names!!!!!
CBC is making a documentary about me, the Canadian channel, and I have been interviewing people, less than two weeks before the elections, and asking them: what are these elections for? And so many people think that it's to choose an Iraqi president, not a parliament! People don’t even know what these elections are for!!
Wanna hear something people don’t know too? These elections are not only to chose a parliament!! they are also to chose a municipality!! people will go to vote twice, two deferent ballots and two deferent boxes, in the same location and the same day, and no one knows about this!
Here is one new information for you!
Did you know that the "ration" card of year 2005, that allows you to take sugar, flower and few other things too, which have been the main resource for Iraqi families' food since early nineties, will not be given except for those who will vote?
When you go to the voting center they give you a paper that allows you to take the card from the ratio shop in your neighbor!
Freedom… democracy…yahhhhoooooo! cheer up Iraqis and live happy!
The way the elections will happen is that people will write the number of the "list" that they want to vote for, that lists contains so many parties and people that no one knows their names, EXCEPT!:
The Shea list, which is now a religious duty to vote for, that is more important than praying and fasting, as Sistani said when he "ordered" Shea to go vote, and I am sure he didn’t mean that he wants people to vote for the communist party, do you?
And the other one that we all know is, guess who? Yes! Allawi! He, unlike all others, had the chance to declare his name since people already know him and he has all the American protection, so there is nothing to be worried about, or is there?
Well Allawi is spending like crazy on TV promotions on satellite channels, he also got 6 hours on air with Arabiya channel that seems to be rewarding him for his struggle against Aljazeera, anyways, Allawi has posters in the streets, but none of them survives for more than few hours, a day sometimes, before people tear them apart, I wonder where does he get the money for his campaign for? I will give you three options to test your brilliance: 1.Santa 2. His own many 3.our friends in the states?
And to tell you the truth people in the street are very sure that his list and the Shea list are already winning lists, voting and stuff is only the boring routine work.
I am sure that these elections came very much this way:

Condi: good morning Mr. preeesident
Bush: good morning Condi have a seat...
Condi: Mr. preeesident.. I think that we should make elections…….
Bush: come on Condi for God's sake again? I am still so tiered of the last one! And weren’t we supposed to have them only once every four years?
Condi: no Mr. preeeesident... I meant elections in Iraq!
Bush: ohhh! They are officially a part of the states now? That’s great! But ia m afraid we will have to some tricks again, Kerry will do his best to win Iraqi's votes, I hate this guy!
Condi: no no Mr. preeesident….I meant Iraqi elections for an Iraqi president!
Bush: other than me?
Condi: yes sir! We need one that can speak Iraqi!
Bush: hoofff! I should have learned that earlier!
Condi: don’t worry Mr. preeesident you still have a good chance, start learning Persian, sir!

Hehehe very funny right? Well I don’t think so.

I am afraid that the danger behind these election isn’t only in all what I said before, but I am afraid that it will be the bullet to kill the national unity, Shea want it and willing to defend it, Sonna don’t want it and willing to stop it, add to that recipe a lot of weapons and you will get a civil war.
I am for the elections as a principle, of course, but not these elections, not before so many thigns are cleared and discussed, I don’t even mind a shea government if shea are the majority, that would be their right, right? (there aren’t any kind of statistics, official or not, about the percentage of Sonna and Shea) but once shea take most of the votes, what would prevent them from ruling iraq with a Sharea law based on the Shea principles? What prevents that knowing that shea voted basing on a fatwa from Sistani that makes voting a religious duty? Will the Sonna agree on this? Will the Kurds agree on this? What about Kirkuk? What about the national revenue, how is it going to be distributed? Now you cant have a job in some nay governmental ministries and agencies if you don’t have a recommendation from a Shea party, how do you think will it be if there was a really Shea government? How do you assure al the parties, other than Shea in Iraq, that their rights will be saved and guaranteed?
Sonna, Kurds and of course also Christians and Turkman?
What guarantees the integrity of this elections while its held under the occupation?
Once all that is discussed and cleared, we will hold elections very smoothly, and we will all protect it against any foreign parties.
The Americans are stupid, but they aren’t THAT stupid, they must know that a civil war is really close if they continue along their present path of divide and rule, so they must, therefore, WANT this result, I Ask God that Iraqis continue to resist this idea by all means possible like they have been doing for the last two years, say Ameen!
Did I tell you about ballots? Besides the rumors that they are for sell if you have the money, I discovered that a ballot was sent to the ratio center to be given to all people, even Arabs! I can go take one! And I will only need an Iraqi ID to go vote! And you have no idea how easy it is to make a fake one hear, most of Sonna, about %80 basing on the survey made by the Islamic party, and about 90% basing on a survey made by a commission that works for the ministry of internal affairs, are not going to vote so they didn’t take their ballots, where do the ballots go then?
Today I interviewed some people that are running for the elections (as a part of my work for, and they said that they have no guarantees that this process will be honest and fair, they just said "we hope so!! At least we will try to keep close to try to expose the tricks if we could!!"
So if that’s what the candidates think, what do you expect from an average Iraqi to think?, The World's Blog Aggregator