Tell Me a Secret: 12/01/2004 - 01/01/2005

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

what can I tell you about them?
it IS the biggest event, not only in this year, not only in this after-war-under-occupation period, but its gonna effect the future of Iraq, probably for ever.
lets have a quick preview!

what are they?

For Shea Iraqis: its the time for Sonna to pay back for the years of Saddam's crimes, its time to have all the power, finally.
For Sonni Iraqis: its the time to give the traitor his prize, give the shea the power.


Sonni Iraqis say: its true that Saddam comes from a Sonni family, but he was secular, its true that he oppressed Shea, but its not our fault!

Shea Iraqis Say: you were Saddam's men, besides we are the majority, we deserve to rule this country, we want the elections to happen, then we will ask the Americans to leave, there mission will be done.

Sonni Iraqis Say: its not true that Shea are the majority! First of all there are NO surveys made to prove that, second of all, Kurds, who are like %25 or more of the population, the very majority of them are Sonni Muslims! Why don't you count them? Besides, the Americans will never allow clean elections to happen, they wont allow a religious government, even a shea one for sure, no way America will create another Iran. There is No way this elections will bring us any good! Shea are against us, the Americans are against us, we will be the victim for sure, why participate in the elections and give it the legitimacy? The Americans will put some secular American-Friendly leader for sure, no matter where he comes from, Shea or Sonni.

Shea Iraqis Say: this elections will happen, and we will protect it at any price, ayato Allah alSistani said that voting is more important in God's eyes than praying and fasting.

Sonni Iraqis: these elections are only an American play to give the occupation a legal right to stay in Iraq, they shouldn't happen!

and here where we are, to the first time in Iraqis history, I tell you, we are this close ----> <---
to a real war, between Sonna and Shea.
i mean, REAL close.

the extremest Sonna, threaten to kill everyone that will run in the elections, and probably everyone that votes.

extremest Shea threaten to kill anyone that apposes the elections, as they are a wholy religious duty, as alSistani says.

thast all what we need! in the presence of all weapons both sides have, the war is coming, really soon.

now think with me, how many bomb cars will extremest Sonna, and any external parties that want to make use of this situation to start a Sonni Shea war, how many bomb cars will explode in the voting centers?
believe me, more than what you can count. just want and see, the whole elections process will stop as the first car bomb explodes in a voting center, who will risk his life and vote in other centers? just wait and you will start hearing from defferent parties: if you go to vote, blame no one but yourself, just wait and see!

the real crack between Sonna and Shea started during the Falluja war (its a war really itself, and it didnt end till this moment. the greatest number of tanks and troops gathered to attack a city since the attack on berlin, Germany in the world war) where Sonna were weeping all over iraq, and Shea were cheering up.
history repeats itself, its the typical "devide to rule" stratigy.

without real guaranties that the elections will be clean and honest, without giving all parties a fair role in the poletical game, this elections are only a dor to hell.

Monday, December 13, 2004

I missed you guys, and I missed blogger, it was very nice to log in to my blogger account again, I almost forgot my password;)
I have been busy lately (ya I know, like always) with uni, and with life.
actually I want to tell you a bit about Iraq!
so fasten your seat belt, throw that cigarette, yes I am talking to you, and litsen to me:
first of all...In the last two years, we were trying.........
didn't I just tell you to throw that cigarette away? That's it, enough is enough, I am not finishing the post.
ok ok, I accept your apology, I am finishing it.
I will tell you about Iraq nowadays, when you are graduated from any uni, and while you are so happy and making plan for the future and the princess in the charmed castle, you go to search for any work in the public sector, that's what Iraqis do, you get a job and a fixed salary, then you get promotions and stuff till you are retired and the government of course will keep giving you a salary for ever, and you might get lucky and the government might give you a small piece of land, or a house or a car, or you might take a lone and build your own house, or get married with it and live happily ever after....
that's how things used to work until the nighntees, where salaries become too small to cover the transportation money from your place to the ministry or whatever place you work in, in things got too ugly and bad things happened but yet...Iraqis never stopped loving to get a job in the government.
now, after the "liberation" and in the new "free" Iraq, things are a bit deferent.
ministries are divided between deferent parties, if the ministry of foreign affairs was given to a Kurdish minister, then don't hope to get a job there if you are Arab, the ministry that was given to a minister from the Dawa Shea party, wouldn't hire you unless you belong to them, if you go the ministry that was given to a minister from the Islamic revolution shea party, you wouldn't get a job unless you have a recommendation from their political office or someone from them, the same for sunna too, the new divided Iraq, still have much that you didn't hear about, wait and read:
still, if you want to get a job, any job, you pay a bribe of $200-400, depending on the job, which usually gets you a salary of like $200 a month or less.
the engineers that used to be my friends in uni and graduated in the last two - three years, are all either sleeping in their houses, or working in jobs that doesn't match their qualifications, construction workers, secretaries, etc...
the numbers of unemployed people is huge.
one magical solution is to, join the national guard!
what? The national guard? You mean for the American nation guard?
no! no! The new Iraqi army is called the "nation guard" too, isn't that nice? Lets start signing, sing with me guys: we all live in America..We all...,
the national guard, which -conveniently- has the same name of the American "national guard" (we never used that name before, completely new to us) who are the loyal sons of the American occupation, once you join that, you get a cool weapon, you get unlimited authority, and you get 400 000ID, about $275 a month, isn't that just nice?
now lets talk about the nice "national guard":
in Arabic, they are called "haras watani", exact translation, haras is guard and watani is national, people in the streets call them haras la watani, which is: un-national guard, or call them haras wathani, conveniently, by changing one letter, it becomes infidel instead of national (wathani instead of watani).
if you were on the traffic light and heard bullets right next to you, don't panic, its just one of the national guards telling people that he is "there" and that they must clear the way to let his majesty move.
if you are sleeping in your house, and somebody started to shoot in front of your house, and almost broke your door knocking, don't panic, its just them searching, and get ready, you are about to lose things form your house, beside dignity and security, mobile phones and any jewelry or anything that is light and expensive, and any gun, even a licensed one, they take it too, and of course give you no papers to prove they took anything from you.
site: my uncle's house time: 5 am event: national guards knocking brutally on the door, they left after minutes of ssearching, leaving a mess behind them, and scared people.
few days before that, 2am another house, they broke in, they stole not only mobile phones, but also $4800 and a CAR!!!!
few days ago, they decided suddenly that a hair dresser shop is "suspected", so they broke in, and "Searched" all women's bodies.
couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine was in the line of a gas station, and one of the national guard didn't like the way he was parking, so he just broke the side mirror with his AK back, and when my friend objected, he also damaged the size of the car and called other national guards to tie my friend's hands and send him to jail, he was so lucky that one of them knew my friend and released him immediately, otherwise he would have spent a longtime, God only knows where and for how long, oh..I forgot to say, they cover their faces, cause they are too afraid to be known so my friend never knew who released him.
few weeks ago, they made a check point, and a police patrol was in the street, they made the police get off their car, and they searched it, one of the policemen had a high rank, but it obviously meant nothing, the authority of the national guard is above everyone.
they curse people, they use very dirty words with people, and no one cans say a word, they are armed, and they have unlimited authority.
they great national guard, was used also to kill people in Najaf and in Falluja too.
now do you wonder why people attack them?
I can go on and on for ever, but I think that what I said was enough.
those are Allawi men, and the occupation men, those are the fruits of the Allawi-Bush government, a scary version of Saddam's gang.
now light that cigarette, and reflect on it.
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