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Monday, November 29, 2004

My friend, Sheila from the state of Texas, sent me this article, i couldn't agree more with her:

I have been listening to the media, public opinions etc. about the war in Iraq. I figured was time to put my two cents in for what it is worth. I think most if not all of us need to step back and look at what is going on there from another angle, another perspective if you will, if you can. I realize this will take some breaking from what is being force fed to the masses but I think most is educated enough to do this, to step back and see both sides. I have never been to Iraq, I was raised on a farm in Ohio. My loyalty to my country is very strong, I believe in this country still, although am terrified by what I see happening. Let's trade places here, will take some imagination on the readers part but again I have faith in people.

In my opinion Saddam needed removed from power. BUT how it was done, was unreal to say the least. What has happened since is beyond the twilightzone realm. By the US intelligence reports Iraq never was a threat, no wmd and was NOT involved in 9-11, yet we went to war a war that Bush said was winnable but there was no way to win the peace, so yes if we want to pound the people there into the ground, exterminate them it is winnable. Here is my thoughts on it.

We Americans are proud, since the day we broke from England we have held our beliefs to our hearts, a mixed culture embracing the right to free speech, free worship, the right to bear arms. Our past leaders has showed us all to well that we must stand as one stand firm, our constitution must NOT NOT be altered are rights are set in stone in my mind from my forefathers. We stand as a beacon of light in the dark for other less fortunate countries. We set international laws into place to protect all people not just us. All of us I think and believe will die to defend our home country our birthright, that being said here we go...........

Let your imagination run here, is called putting yourself in the other guys shoes.

We are under a tyrant, a ruler who kills for fun, we the people are strong, fiercely loyal to our country if not the leader, we love our homeland, but the situation is hopeless. NOW another country steps in does what we the people can not. They over throw that leader, all the terror is going to stop, how we would embrace them thank them, be in their debt forever. At last freedom, or so we think. The days following the toppling of that narcissist leader, the country who supposedly liberated us starts imposing their rules, their values, claiming any who disagree is insurgents. We the people are not given the right to set up our government in the way we deem best, we are not to be trusted to make the right decisions for the land we love. We the people are at first confused, than our men are locked up the midnight knocking on doors starts up again, is our old leader back???? NOPE is our liberators taking our men, locking them up, torturing them, not letting us see them, holding them and not releasing why they are being held. Our liberators are now our jailers. This is my land, your land, this is the land I was raised to fight for to defend, to die for and now we are again under domination. As any good United States citizen I would rebel, I would die trying to drive that country who claimed to be helping us from my homeland. After all the majority of us Americans are good people, yes we disagree about beliefs etc. but we are tolerant of the other persons rights to freedom, NOW though our liberators are taking more liberties from us. Is it the people's fault a dictator did horrendous acts against for the most part his subjects? Are we the people not educated enough to set up a good free country? What rights do those foreigners have to dare to impose ORDER ME, ORDER YOU how to run MY COUNTRY, OUR COUNTRY? Am I spitting mad is my fellow countrymen spitting mad, you better believe it. That country we embraced, that in the beginning we thought we could relie on to help us, let us benefit from their knowledge is now the enemy, they have crushed us and our belief in our fellow mankind more than our dictator leader could have ever done. The odds against us are great, but was they not as great when England refused to let us stand on our own, to make our own government???? Rally round my fellow Americans is time to finally put a stop to this is MY COUNTRY and I be damned if I will let that other country even if they are stronger turn us into a colony again.

Think on it people, most there are not terrorists, they are flesh an blood people with families they love and a homeland they love..............would we do any different if in their shoes???????


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