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Sunday, November 28, 2004

i am in a very good mood today, i just came back from the uni.
it was a really nice day, really really nice, every thing was nice and everything went really good, as soon as i entered the uni in the morning i met my two best friends, i was happy! i dont know why but i missed them, although we meet everyday and spend all day together, hehe, anyways it was good to see them again, and they told me immediately that today there are no classes! yay! i didn't even bother asking why or who arranged that or does the head of the department know about that or anything, i was just very happy with the strange, happy news that they told me, not like it happens everyday, i still don't know why it happened and i frankly don't care, no classes means a whole day of fun and walking in the uni or sitting in the cafeteria with people i love, so it was very nice, and then there was another very nice surprise, some girls in my class decided, and i didnt bother asking why too, to make us a party and they cooked for the whole class and brought food with them, they made Biryani and Dolma, and they brought fruits and sweet too, Znood issit, and we had the best time, we emptied one of the class rooms and brought tables and chair, and we invited some Doctors and teachers too, you know we must suck up a bit, after all i am sure they will remember that when they make evaluation for our grades, hehe, and after like 30 minutes all teachers left and we stayed in, we had water fight and money other silly things, we called the uni photographer and had so many photos, someone brought a DVcam and i shoot really really nice things, interviews and everything, hehe, we laughed a lot, and we all were having very good time, everyone was so happy, it was such a nice innocently joyful two hours party, after we finished the class was more like Florida after the Hurricane.
then we helped out a bit cleaning the mess and we all thanked the girls a lot and left:))
after i left the party i met a guy who was looking for me, and he gave me a letter from a friend who is very dear to me but i didn't see for more than three years because he lives in another city, and it was very nice really! oh i forgot to say something! Before the party a very very very good friend of mine came to visit, he graduated two years ago and we rarely see him, so in one word, i had one wonderful day, i am still smiling:)
i think some of you are wodnering why am i so excited?
well, when you live our lives, you dont have many sources of happiness, sadness covers everything, so the smalest joy looks really big, and precious.
i have a feeling that this won't change soon, what do you think?
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