Tell Me a Secret

Monday, November 22, 2004

i remember that sometimes, when i read Livejournal i find this little note at the end saying : listening to: *a certain song*
well, a im blogging, and listening to mortars falling somewhere around:D
its probably falling on the palace of Saddam near by, which is now an American military center.
maybe 20 mortars till now, and the counter is still going up...
great..Now after couple of AK shoots, i can hear an aircraft (after more than 20 minute maybe of mortars)..
wow, now tanks came(after few more minutes)..
i am really writing moment-to-moment report from the field.
may i remind you ladies and gentlemen that its a curfew now?
it gives you an idea of how stable is the security situation, how hard is it to indicate people moving with mortars in a curfew time? Come on!
silence now!
it was a little F*** You operation, done in about 30 minutes time.
from the battle field Khalid Jarar from was with you, thanks for joining us.
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