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Thursday, September 16, 2004

I had the nicest dream!

see, in the last period, i have been spemding aloooot of hours online, like over 12 hours daily maybe, and i stopped classifying the day as a two parts unit, day and night, i just sit infront of the computer too long, and then when i al bored or tiered i take a 4-hours nap, once in every 24 hours, sometimes twice in every three days, and then get back to work!

anyways, the dream, i dreamed that they released the Semonas and Dr Raad, and i saw them and i huged them, and they looked very happy! and they were laughing! and telling funny stories about the moment they were they kidnapped! and i dont remember the rest of the dream but it was nice really:)

Jeremy Scahill, wrote one of the peaces i conider the best till now since i know all the kidnaped people and worked with them, in the same building they were kidnapped from:

What we do know is this: if this hostage-taking ends in bloodshed, Washington, Rome and their Iraqi surrogates will be quick to use the tragedy to justify the brutal occupation - an occupation that Simona Torretta, Simona Pari, Raad Ali Abdul Azziz and Mahnouz Bassam risked their lives to oppose. And we will be left wondering whether that was the plan all along.

have a good day.

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