Tell Me a Secret: 08/01/2004 - 09/01/2004

Monday, August 30, 2004

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Seems to me that AlSadir is alive and kicking, he got extra super popularity, he IS a resistance figure now, a hero, and he walked out smiling. great job USA!well, they say that these bodies found in the so-called share'a court are killed by Sadr and his people, but i *really* don't believe so, think with me, you are totally surrounded by Iraqi and US troops, you expect that, you have enough food in the shrine fore one month, you have a military defense plan, you have weapons, you have people talking for you on TV, and you just *forgot* to clean the mess behind you?!!naaaaah.Sadrists know that this war is the greatest chance fore them to get popularity, there win depends on people's support; there is no way they would leave all these bodies behind if they really were responsible for killing them.yesterday one of Sadr's people announced that these bodies are for Sadrists killed in the last conflict, but since the Iraqi government cut the water of the city, they couldn't wash their killed people, which is a must in Islam before burying them, so they managed to move them, during the war, to the court building, waiting for this crisis to end (isn't is funny that they were sure it is gonna end and they are walking out?) so they can Barry them.makes sense to me!Oh, Sadrist who were in the shrine surrendered their weapons, that few tens of weapons, and after they left their spokesman declared that alMahdi army is not giving up any of its weapons!See what I mean when I say stupid administration? Now it seems fun to me to go but some guns, make a small army, fight the government, the occupation, and then I walk out smiling, and the government pays for the damages too!:DGOD they are stupid, stupid stupid.So, I don’t know about you guys, but seems to me that its like:Iraq (thugs and insurgents) 2 – 0 occupation and appointed government (the liberators and the national government).Aw you don’t remember the first goal? It was in Falluja!Seems to me it's gonna be a looooong game.Who you think will win?aw, one mean suggestion from my friend, he said since we are effected by it, shouldnt we be allowed to vote for the elections in USA? he said that maybe Sistani will be the president of the USA and Alsadr will be his deputy:Dwell, as horrible as this sounds to american people, its more horrible for u to have their goverment leading us.thank you for litsenning:)

Thursday, August 26, 2004

We have a proverb in Arabic, it says: a wet man doesn't fair the rain; it seems that the American administration believes in that a lot, since the world hates us, why care about more hate?
hate hate hate, its the only vibrations coming out of Arabs and Muslims towards America, once it was the land of the dreams, now its the land of injustice, the land of imperialism, the land of murderers, the land of fear and hate.
Bombing the shrine of Imam Ali, and bombing Falluja at the same time? You are unable to imagine the amounts of hate and anger people have towards America now, all because of stupid mistakes by one cowboy, Bosh.
i remember weeks ago, an unpleasant event put me in the fancy office, of an American personality, i can say that his position comes in the top ten in Iraq, then i had a talk with my poor British friend, who was offered a left by this guy, i will quote:
" he drives his car himself, doesn't allow the body guards to do it, he is always followed by another car carrying few more body guards, he got into the car, and put his machine gun in his lap, and kept his pistol in his right hand while he was holding the wheel with the left, he was pointing his gun on every car in front of him, then to avoid the traffic, he moved and started to drive 40 mi/h on the side walk, pointing his gun to the pedestrians to move, there was this women he was pointing his gun at her, it was terrible, do you call this security? i have never felt insecure in my whole life!"
" i can understand why Iraqis use violence, if i were one of these people he pointed the gun at i would be really angry "
that's among other details you don't want to hear.
anyway, this guy, has exactly the same mentality of Bush, "lets smoke 'em out", and its exactly the same policy that its being applied now, "smoke them out" that's how it works.
know what? In some moments, when i read the number of people killed b the so-called coalition everyday, i think that the occupation is digging its own grave, violence against people will NEVER worked, and NEVER will.
in away i am glad that the occupation is dropping the mask of "liberation" at least no one will be fooled now, they opened the door now, and if they think that by killing those in Najaf it will be closed, they are sadly mistaken.
only time will prove which is stronger: missiles or pride?

Friday, August 20, 2004

i am getting crazy here, trying to follow what is happening in Najaf thru my own connections, besides the regular media, and its all driving me Crazy, for the last few hours i have been jumping on the couch every now and then to see if there is any news.
there is a say, i cant recall if its an Arab or foreigner, anyway, it says "no news is good news" and this is one of the times that this say was totally damn wrong, the "no-news" is burning my nerves.
the only news i saw are about more killed Iraqis, over 90 Iraqi killed in the last 24 hours in Najaf and Baghdad, hundred wounded in deferent governorates, curfew in Karbala during the night for the next three days, blood blood and more blood everywhere.
1400 years ago, the grandson of prophet Mohammed PBUH, Imam Hussein, who is a extremely very important character for in Shea beliefs, he was killed in Iraq, as i said before more than 1400 years, and till now, Shea still cry and grieve in the day he was killed every year (that's on the Islamic calendar, yes we have a calendar, its deferent, we are now the year 1425) because he was killed in an unfair war (it’s a really long story) but he fought till he was killed, he said a line that has become a proverb, he said "haihat minna ilthilla, it means, there is no way we will be dishonored" and he fought till he was killed, as i said.
Al-Sadr today is playing Imam Hussein role, he even said the same line yesterday (i think, or the day before, not sure) he realizes, as the Iraqi government realizes, that in case he was killed, Shea will grieve him and make a BIG hero out of him, a resistance figure that will live FOR EVER, Saddam did all he could to prevent Shea from grieving Imam Hussein for 35 years, he used to send the army to Shea neighbors in the grieve day, close the streets, make a security alert all over the Shea governorates, sometimes even prevented them from distributing food (that's what they do, they cook in quantities and distribute food around the city) sometimes jailed everyone who does that, yet, after 35 years, they all were back in the streets doing the same traditions and ceremonies they did since ever, i was saying, that the government realizes that, so they are going to do everything to insure his safety, they will try instead of stripting him in Abu ghreib, or Swiss-cheesing his body, to offer him terms of agreement that they know, and he knows it would kill him politically, by asking him to go on public and tell people to surrender, the thing that i know, they know, Sadr knows that it would NEVER happen, i know, they know, that he prefers to die and become an all-time hero, these terms they made were only made to justify the killing of all the anti-coalition people by saying : we gave them a chance but they refused it.
question: why don't American army and Iraqi forces pull out immediately from Najaf? What would they lose? There isn't an excuse of "possible war" here right?
Sadrist say that they are defending themselves only, why don't the other forces act wise, and just pull out if the goal is the safety of Iraqi people as they claim? Or is it just the normal kill-everyone-that-doesn't-kneel policy?
just a question!

Monday, August 16, 2004

I think its nesessory to publish that once in a while as a reminder:)

Hi :))
there is onething i have in common with french people, is that americans ask us all the time: Why do you hate us?!
well, i dont know about the french, but i knwo about myself, thats what i intend to talk about, if you have time.
ok, do you want the short answer or the long answer? ok, lets start with the short and move to the full version after.
The short answer is: i hate americans? that is so not true!
The long answer is : i hate americans? believe me that is so not true!
oh not long enoug?:) ok, i will give it another shoot:
Its very important to me, that you know that i respect American people, if i want to write a list of 50 close friends, at least five of them would be american, and i have so much american friends outside the "close friends" list too, my experience with American people is very good, i find them simple, sincere and caring people, hardworking i may add too.that applies too on most, if not all of the other nationalities, there always exceptions, but i am talking generally, as i was meant to "be" in this time and place, war time, in Iraq, i had the chance to meet so many foreigneres, probably any person who lives a normal life in a normal country, wont meet half the number of foreigneres i met unless he works in a border center:) anyway, after this experience with all these people, and the online-people who i know too, i cant say anything like: "all people are nice, except those from X country", that just cant happen, because every country in the world have the good and the bad, mixed together, that is life.
but as i am acused of hating Americans particulery, i will talk about them particulery:
i know a very nice, very active poletician American woman, who i consider my vertual auntie, i have a very lovely old lady who i consider my vertual grandma, i have a very wonderful friend who i consider my vertual brother, all of them are americans, and i have a list of other people who i open my computer and check my mail hoping to find something form them, all of those are american people, who i love and respect, you check my mail and you would find akkadia, connie, lena, mary, julie so many others, all american, all dear and precious to me. its the goverments that i a stand against, and that comes from the policy they chose to have towards us, and that "us" seen to include many people: Muslims, Arabs, Iraqis and even Americans, and you all are seeing what kind of policy it is, and you all are seeing its results.


Sunday, August 15, 2004

I need more time!, no you didnt get me right, INEED MORE TIME, i need more hours in the day, more weeks in the month, more months in the year, more years in the...ok i think you got my point.
but unfortuanitally, i cant have it, so i want to thank everyone who sent me emails and i didnt reply to them, and i want to thank those who i replied to too, and i want to thank everyone who thought of sending me an email but didn for a reason or another, and also for everyone who makes some time to read what we write, including those who scream "BULLSHITT ALL OF THAT IS CRAP" as soon as they finish reading:)
all the emails i received in the last two days were superb, very passionate and very supportave.
thank you all, because of you, we tolerate the duty of blogging:)

My heart goes with people of Florida, and all the people who suffer around the world.
Najaf has been hit by the "American army", Florida has been hit by the "Chalrlie", China, Africa, have been hit by floods other disasters.
disasters are everywhere, may God help us all.
mom was sick today ( ya i know, disasters come in two) and i took her, with my anunt, to take a sonar photo, that showed that nothing is wrong with her, the thing that didnt go with the kind of pain she had, she was aqueesing my hand in away i didnt think she could do it.
after a morphen high-dose pill, and a painkiller shot, the pain came back, just after less than one hour, and we were home again, with the same pain, again.
she took the medication that the doctor gave her, which was supposd to work immediately, but nothing happened, after more than half an hour, she is still having the same pain.
then she said, between the pain shocks, do you remember that prayer that the prophet used to say when he used to see ill people? check it in Riyad il Saliheen (one of the simple islamic books), i ran to get it, and guess what, in five minites, as we read the prayer, the pain was gone!
its gone!
that was more than one hour ago1 mom is now smiling, putting her glasses on, and reading an article:D

Saturday, August 14, 2004

it seems that Americans, are masters in creating enemies, not only around the world, but also inside every country they "liberate", in a year and a half, this american adminstration managed to get ammounts of hate and anger towards America, more than all the past adminstration all together did in the last 50 years inspite of their foolish policy in the ME, still, this admestration, created in a year and a half, more enimies, more anit-American people, that there was ever there.
I keep wondering, is there gonna be a day where the American administration, any administration, will try to understand what Iraqi people want? Will there be a day when they wont think that Iraqis are fools, and that they can play all their games without getting caught? I bet that every single one who makes the decisions there in the white house, have never met an Iraqi person in his life, well except Al-chalaby and Allawi probably.
when the occupation came in, all these people, the masses, who are called almahdi army now, didn't do anything! And now they are ready to fight not only the Americans, but the whole Iraqi army and police force too, they are ready to die, and to see their city destroyed, just to get red of the occupation, why?
when the occupation came in, no one in Falluja, raised his RPG, but after one year, they made the most terrifying trap that the American forces trapped in, and they exhausted the whole American force to the point that the American army agreed on pulling back their forces, under a stupid condition of handling weapons, where the people of Falluja gave eighty something RPG, most of them broken, that number equals what some kids in the streets have.
but sure, after killing the largest number of Iraqis they could kill, they followed the same Saddam policy: if he doesn't agree with you, kill him before he makes more problem, then show how sorry you are.
and now, as river bend puts it, de ja vu, another falluja in the south, and as she said, after 20 years from now, who will be responsible for the mass graves that will be found? and the same thing is happening in Samarra, Kut, Amara and other cities too, why?
one bright thing, that slatering, and mass killing for civilians, created some kind of Sunna Shea unity, the community of Sunni Muslims are collecting money and aid to people of Najaf, as a way to help reduce the suffer of civilians, the same thing happened during the Falluja disaster, Shea in Najaf collected all kinds of aid and sent it to Falluja, unity is one of our greatest weapon against the occupation.
we were happy, that water and electricity dramatically improved in the last few days, till we discovered that Allawi government is following Saddam's policy again, step by step, by implementing mass punishment on the Shea areas in Alsadr city and other Shes places in Baghdad, besides Najaf, that's why we had a bigger share of water and electricity.
Riverbend is blogging again, check her site.
on the personel manner, mom survived an armed hijacking accident, fortunately, thank God, they didn't kill her, they just took her car, purse, mobile phone, some cash, and few other things, mom is ok, she is recovered psychologically from the accident that happened the day before yesterday, she is getting back to her life.
at the point she saw these men coming off their cars carrying MP5 automatic machine guns, she thought that they were there to assassinate her (she has been involved in anti-occupation activities through women organizations) and it was a relief to know that they want the car, "only".
hamdilla assalama mom! (thank God for your safety) :))
the government pulled all the Iraqi police out of Baghdad, to use them to fight the shea in Najaf, allowing criminals to do whatever they like in Baghdad.
as we reached the police station, and when they knew what happened, one of the policemen put something in my hand, that it turned to be a car key, and then he swared two millions times that I will have to take his personel car to use it until we find our car, he insisted to the point that all my refuses didn't work, I thanked him a lot, but I didn't take his car of course, who garanties that this one wont be hijacked too?
the good hearts of Iraqi people, is there any other place in the world you can find like them?
dad had to leave to Jordan yesterday in a business trip, now I am in charge, I distributed the weapons we have in deferent places of the house, drawing a sinario for deferent plans could be used to attack our house, and plans to fight back, when they took mom's purse, it had her IDs, visit card, and money in $US, which is the worse part, its an indicator that this family may have more, we expect them to attack again, probably try to kidnap one of us, that's the best way to take money from anyone now, God protect us, we trust him, pray for us.
in this situation of security mess, if you shoot a thief that was trying to steal your house, if you shoot him in the leg while he is inside your house, his tribe would come and demand to give them money or otherwise they would kill you or destroy your house, or they sometimes chose to revenge only, without asking for money, therefore, its clear for me, that under any kind of attack, SHOOT TO KILL, shot directly in the head, no mercy. Once they have a reason to revenge from you, no one, NO ONE, not the stupid government that cant protect its own members, not the police, not the army, no one can protect you, those are well armed thugs, who control big neighbors, under the situation we live in, even the most peaceful people like myself, can kill in cold blood to protect their families.
Its not a horrible word anymore, we have seen thousands and thousands of dead people, people torn into peaces, arms and legs thrown everywhere, blood covering the ground, all side by side with the sound of American machines, tanks and helicopters, every time.
what does death mean to you? a clean body wearing the best clothes in a perfumed coffen? zzzzz, wrong, think again, Want to see how is it really like? Want it to be an easy thing to happen? Just don't join the American club, by not joining, you will sure see a lot of that...

Sunday, August 08, 2004

I REALLY wish that you could see the press conference that Allawi held yesterday, I really wish that you all could speak Arabic, so you can know what a dirty arrogant fascist this man is, besides the Baathist background (yes believe it or not, he was a Baathist) that this man have, besides all the talk that he is the first to import torturing instruments in Saddam's time, beside the talk about him working in an assassination unit for the CIA sometime in the past, (well, people talk you know, but as we say in Arabic, there is no smoke without fire) besides the fact that he came to Iraq in an American tank, beside the fact that he is appointed by the occupation, beside all that, you should have seen the press conference yesterday, to see what kind of people he is.
I will give you just a small example:
Reporter: Mr. President, these operations that are taking place now, and killing of the Iraqi citizens, the arrest of Aldari (the son of the head of the Sunna Muslims community leader) and the attempt of arresting Alsadr that failed because of the resistance of Almahdi army, all these things, does it happen under approval from your government?
Allawi: Iraqi citizens? Which Iraqi citizens? We are the Iraqi government, we are the Iraqi citizens, those you talk about are insurgents, and your question is not an innocent question, you meant it in a bad way, and who is the man you just mentioned?
The reporter: Aldari
(Allawi pretends he doesn’t know the man, who is one of the most important characters in the Suna community, who was in an interview with the LBC, the Lebanese broadcasting corporation, where he explained that the community of Sunna are not going to participate in the so-called National conference that Allawi's government intends to make, and Aldari was arrested just few hours after that.)
So the reporter replies: Aldari, the son of the head of Suna community.
Allawi looks embarrassed and says quickly: he was let go (now it seems that Allawi knows the man at least, great), next question.

Iraqi reporter: Mr. President (its common to call the prime minister a president), the mayor of Alnajaf said that there were 400 people killed in the last two days, is that true?
Allawi looks at the reporter with anger: where were you since the beginning of the conference? Weren’t you listening to me? Weren’t you paying attention?

The reporter: you said that the minister of internal affairs doesn’t have information about that, and that when he gets the information he would let you know.

Allawi: so you know that?????

The reporter shaking: but Mr. President, the mayor said…
Allawi: when we have information we will let you know, next question.

And the conference went on and on, he was extremely rude to the reporters, he just reminds you very much of Saddam, HE IS THE IRAQI CITIZENS, AND EVERYONE ELSE ARE THUGS.
When I was looking at him , remembered Noori il Saeed, the prime minister appointed in Iraq by the British occupation in Iraq, that what we studied in the history books in the school, and we thought at that time, that occupation is something we read about in history only, that happens in old centuries, and doesn’t happen these days be cause of the international law and international community, but here we go, back to my point, I remembered Noori il Saeed, who was acting the same way Allawi is acting, and was called a British agent, like Allawy is called an American agent, you know what happened to him? As soon as the masses caught him, they dragged him in the streets for days, and he was and still, cursed every time he is mentioned, since then, and for ever, I can see that Allawi didn’t learn the lesson, probably he thinks that these things used to happen for people like him in the past centuries, and it doesn’t happen these days, well, lets wait and see…

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Iraq is bleeding, and so is my heart.
there are two ways to describe what is happening in Iraq:
the first way, is the Allawi-American way: "we are cleaning the country and removing the thugs"
which i believe is much easier for many Americans to believe it, because their conscience won't have to worry abouy over 500 Iraqi killed, and thousands injured in the last two days.

now, lets hear the other way to describe it:
what's happening in Iraq now, is very much the same what happened in Saddam's time:
Action: Sunna don't want the occupation:
Allawi-Americans reaction: they are thugs, destroy al Fallooja..,"remove them" "lets clean up our country".

action: hundreds of thousands of Shea, all Sadr supporters and a lot of other Shea, don't want the occupation.
Allawi-American reaction: thugs thugs thugs, kill them all, kill the children so they don't make problems in the future too, kill women so they don't give birth to thugs too.

its the same policy, whoever is not with us, he is a criminal, he is a thug, he is a barbarian, he must be killed or sent to hell "as one of the American military police described abo ghreib prison yesterday" its exactly the same as what Saddam did, they all are the same, the new and the old government, they care only about their own interest, and they kill whoever stands in their way.

the only important deference is that the Allawi-American government, comes in package of elegant suits, and good English.

in the chaos that we live in, no one will know how many Iraqi will be killed by the coalition in these few days, but one thing i know for sure, is that they will kill as many as they can, and as always, the world will watch it on TV, some reporters will make a documentary and sell it to some media network to and make some money, and that's it, and after they finish killing people they will say: we are done with the insurgents, you are "liberated" again, long life justice!

each and every one who supported this war is responsible for every drop of blood, every son and mother who was and will be killed, every wife or husband, everyone who supported the war or was involved in it, will be responsible for the blood, and tears, in front of the history, and in front of God.

but why do you care? They are thugs and insurgents only, isn't that what you are trying to say?

unless one of the elegant suits in the white house, or in the smelly shelters of the green zone, understands that they cant control this country with violence, that they cant follow Saddam steps, that they should litsen to what Iraqis want, not kill them, unless that happens, this country will NEVER rise up again.

But God is there watching, and he is greatest, he is the most merciful, and he knows the truth, and you'll see!, actions are measured by the results, as they say, lets wait and see, what are the results of this occupation, and this government, you'll watch it fall, and you will remember my words, but till then, we will keep loosing hundreds and hundreds of souls, and everyone who supported or was involved in this war, is responsible for them, in front of the history, and for ever, in front of God.

Monday, August 02, 2004

me, as a religious Muslim, i am very terrified, and ashamed more than i can describe, and really really sad, because of what happened to the churches in Iraq, it is the most terrible thing that can happen, the criminals who are attacking the houses of God, as we call them, should be given the maximum punishment, that is not enough at all, but i cant find the words or ideas to deal with this, i wish i can apologize to every Christian, i wish i can protect every church, but sadly i say that i can't, i cant protect the mosques or the churches, and i don't know what to do about it :*(
the criminals, whoever they are, tried to establish a war between Sunna and She'a by putting bobed cars in holy places, and by assassinating important personalities from both sides hoping that each side would blame the other, but thank God this didn't happen, and both sides were smart enough to understand that game and not put themselves in that position, now the dirty game goes on, but to make a war between Muslims and Christians, i know i cant stop it, i know you cant stop it, but i trust God, he is the only one who can.
i am very sorry for each and every drop of blood, i am very sorry for each and every soul, if its in my hand, i would bring to justice anyone who was involved in this for any reason, even if he was my own brother.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Then light at the end of the tunnel gives me hope, and motivates me, as I think that after one year I will graduate, it gives me energy I need to continue…
I can see the light too at the end of the tunnel, when I think of Iraq, I can imagine that in few years, it will be a beautiful country again, and we, you and me, will meet one day after ten or twenty years, and you will say: remember when you used to blog about the bad and sad things happening in Iraq? And we will smile, cause at that time, everything will be deferent, and you will be in Iraq as tourists, enjoying the daily life details, and the relations with the warm simple people, and we will recognize you by the stupid t-shirts you would be wearing, and you will have a hard time learning how to pronounce our names, and you will have a hard time convincing people that you are NOT hungry, cause there is no word you can say that would prevent an Iraqi from feeding you more, you will see the beautiful mountains in the north, the lovely marches in the south, and the romantic view of Dijla ( the Tigris) when the sun reflects on it at sunset…and you would love to sit in the many cafes and restaurant by the river to watch it and smoke Nargeela ( I don't encourage smoking, bad bad habit, but Nargeela smells surprisingly good) and drink the famous Iraqi sour tea, and laugh while watching Iraqis talking, using their hands and mouths and moustache, not only their tongues, to describe anything:)
Can you imagine that picture? Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Story number two:

Check the link:

Story number three, scene number one:

mom, just loves flowers, and she loves our garden a lot, in Iraq we don’t usually have a back yard, usually you have a garden right next to your garage, and the fences of the houses are high to maintain privacy, so mom went out few days ago to take pictures for the flowers in the garden so she can put it on the photo blog so you can enjoy it ( this was the part where I explain how is what's about to happen partially your fault, lol) so she went out to the garden and found that there is actually no flowers there, since all the ones were there couldn’t survive the temperature, so poor mom went back in.

Scene two:

Mom prepared to go to our show room, she finished the house work, changed, drove to the showroom.

Scene three:

Mom is about to inter the show room, but she glimpses some…Zenia ( a kind of flowers, not sure if you call it the same name) in the house that is next to our shop!!!
Mom asks one of the people in the shop to take care of it, takes her camera, and then inters the neighbor's garden from the opened door with her camera, to take photos for the flowers! In a minute or two, one of the neighbors leaves his house for a reason, a young boy, and he stop in the garage to find a woman dressed formally, holding a camera in his garden.
The poor guy froze in his place and his face became pale, and stood there staring at mom and just not knowing how should he react, I am sure he was thinking: ok I am trained to deal with the following topics: a thief in the garden, a hijacker in front of the house, a bombed car in the street, a bomb falls on the roof, where the hell does " a lady with a camera" lie among all that?
Then mom, a bit confused, trying to correct the situation told him: don’t worry, I bought a new camera, I just want to try it!
At that point you could see bubbles going out of the poor boy's head, big bubbles each one include a question mark.
Then right before he decides to go in to bring an RPG or something, as every Iraqi house must have one of these "something" mom declared: I am your neighbor, the engineer in the shop next to you!!!
Thank God, that saved her.
I keep picturing the situation in my head and laugh, and I called Majid in Jordan and told him the story, and Majid told Raed the story and Raed called me from Jordan to ask about it, it became a famous story…
Mom after telling me the story, and after we stopped laughing she was saying something like: what was I thinking?!!
Then she goes: but they were REALLY beautiful flowers and I had to take their pictures!!
What a lovely mom I have!

story number four: two short stories:

as i received many emails telling me : bad bad khalid why do you buy pirarate DVD?
i want to say: you are right, even with no laws i do support copy rights, but the thing that in baghdad there isnt any original copies at the first place, cause as i said there have never been laws for copy right, so the way it works here that one shop brings the original DVD or CD of any movie and starts to copy and sell, so smaller shops take a copy and start copying the copy and sell it, so, no shopowner would take the crasy risk of wasting 30$ on buying a DVD and put it on the shelv waitong for somene to buy it, while his next door shop sells the copy (same quality, same or similer package) for one dollar or less, so no one brings the original CDs and DVDs anymore, i hope that explains why i bought a copy, not an original DVD of fehrenheit 9/11.

obviously, i re-invented that tern in the prevopis post, not invented it, damn it! it happens all the time, i mean if i was born like 50 years ago, many of the inventions that you know these days would have been registered in my name:) you would be using Khalid's method for integration in your math. class, or the Khalid steam engine maybe, who knows?
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