Tell Me a Secret: 07/01/2004 - 08/01/2004

Thursday, July 29, 2004

damn I am disappointed, this is one of the many things I re-invent, man I should have been born like 50 years ago, so many inventions would have been registered in MY name:)
I am talking about the term in the last post, in case you didn't notice.
so anyway, its surprising what's hapening in the world now, usually, like its meant to be that way, one problem happens a time in the world, like in a certain perios, there was Afghanistan, after that all the world drops the case one time, and focus on Iraq, then all the world drops the case one time, and focus on another thing and so on, that's how it works usually, but its deferent these days, I mean, look at the mess in Iraq, which is a mix of so many huge problem actually, beside all that, look at the terrible situation in Sudan, and the events happening inside the states for the preparations of elections, at the same time, a flood leaves 25 million people with no shelter, at the same time, all the disasters that happened and still hapenning in Palestine, allllll at the same time, somebody tells me what's happening? I cant follow all the news anymore!
off the subject, I just discovered that Margaret cho wrote a post about our family:)
read it at
I have great hopes and expectations for this country... The picture sounds dark and ugly now, but my optimistic spirit can see a better view coming from the far end of the tunnel....
the same thing is happening in my life, now I am a student, which is the most boring thing a person can do for 17 years in a row, but after one year, I will be an engineer, this idea, this light that comes from the end of the tunnel, gives me hope, and the will to work hard.
besides I imagine that, one day, after 10 or twenty years, I will be married and have few beautiful kids jumping around me, maybe then we will meet, me and you, and we will say: remember when we were email friends only? And you were blogging about the problems and bad situation in Iraq? And we will smile and laugh, cause it will be a better situation, a beautiful safe country, and you will come here as tourists, and we'll recognize you as Americans by the stupid t-shirts you would ware:))) lol, and you will have a hard time learning the right way to pronounce our names.
can you see that light with me?

Monday, July 26, 2004

I invented a new term:
"political prostitution"
I can do anything, just anything you want from me, just give me what I want
in the case of regular prostitution, its money, in Bush's case, its a vote.
this is exactly what Bush is doing now, I though of this when I heard him saying: if I get re-elected I will be a man of peace.
its just like: please please please vote for me, I will do anything you want, just anything you want, but keep me in the office, pleaseeee pleaseeeeee..I can be George, I can be John, Ted, anything, a cowboy, a man of peace...
I just love the couches in the white house...I cant imagine my life without them....

Saturday, July 24, 2004

hey guys:))
one of the benifits of living in baghdad: mo bought fehrenhite 9/11 DVD for 3.5 $ :)))
we'll watch it and let you know what we think..

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

hey all:)))
i left everthing was in my hands, took a breath, changed my clothes, and prepared to meet her.
i got into the car, made sure that i would be in a good shape when i meet her...
i had a good meal, i prayed alot, God join us together quickly...
it was along trip, but finally, i am here, i met her, i breathed her, i travelled with my eyes all over her,she is my love, she is Baghdad:))
i can assure you, she is as "hot" as you think she is.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

today it was the most unproductive day in my life, I woke up at lunch time (I think they must make a low says that no one is allowed to sleep after 10 am, other wise he must do 2 hours community service for every hour he slept after ten, how about that? Isn't it just mean?) so I had lunch with the family and then I sat in front of the TV, and I stayed there for the next 6 or seven hours!!!!!!!!!!
I watched *few* movies and three sitcoms, and then Oprah and more movies, I just couldn't move myself off the couch, I had Pepsi, deferent kind of sweets beside me, and that was almost it, that was my day.
the only interesting thing is that today's episole od Malcolm in the middle was, all about Iraq!! (ha?) it was really!
see, its about Ress, Malcolm brother, who used to be a big bully in school, but for some reason (which is a long story) he decided to change and become a nice guy, so all the kids became happy and thought that their lives are gonna be better, but what happened is that all the very small bullies turned into big bullies, and starting teezing everyone, exactly the thing that happened in Iraq, but in Malcolm what happened is that kids came to Ress and begged him to be a bully again and get things back to control, and he did, the thing that I hope wont happen in Iraq, I mean, no one wants Saddam to come back in power right?
today's lesson is over, get back to your work, you already spent too much time on computer, and your boss is beginning to notice;)
tip of the day: enjoy what you have, no matter how little it is, cause many don't have it, that's a khalidism.

Friday, July 09, 2004

It has been a looong time:D
today was one of the nicest days ever..
at 10am we left home, me and Majid, going on a picnic to a city in the north of Jordan called Ajloon, the trip is an hour of a verrry beautiful nature on both sides of the road...Very high mountains..Very deep valleys, and a beautiful lake....Very beautiful...Everything was very nice, I know only few of the people who were there, but in a short time we all became friends, and they were all very nice, with a majority of beautiful girls too;)
we had a barbecue, and made Kabab and Tikka and other things, and I helped to make most of these things, and all the food was just delicious, and we laughed and talked and had fun 'till about 4:30, then some of the guys wanted to go to the dead sea, and I was like: take me with you take me with you!! And I went with them:D from the north of Jordan, to the center, Amman, then again to the west to the dead sea, and it was soooooo beautiful, just me and the guys there (Majid was tiered in went home when we were in Amman) and I cant tell you how nice the sea was!! I was there like a child, laughing all the time, and looking at the strong waves that kept making me fall, and...And...It was just nice! One happy day! I am too tired but I didn't go home, I just arrived to Amman and I came directly to the internet cafe, and I wrote this.
everything was very simple, the whole day cost me almost nothing, and, since two years, before the war happened, I think this is the first time I really had fun, poor Iraqis:((
will there be a day when all Iraqis can get their simple lives back??
I hope so, I pray for that, pray with me :*(
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