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Sunday, May 02, 2004

democracy sucks!
I deleted the comments section..Finally...Basing on the demands of many people, who I trust and respect.
comments section isn't supposed to be a place for dialogue, its simply, for comments.
and that rarely happened, it turned into a battle field, with discussions that leads to no where, did anyone of you change his opinion or idea basing on what he read on the comment section, or the discussion he had there?
so...I was trying to show you how would a normal person think of when he watches what the American army is doing here, I, the calm nice 21 engineer (well, almost) was that angry, and I never used violence in My life, I remember that the only fight I had wa's with a friend, at fourth grade, and I never ever had a fight since then.
I am a peaceful person, and my beliefs are based on peace too, assalamo alaykom, means peace on you! And in our prayers, five times a day, the last thing we do to end each prayer is to say peace on you! To whoever on your right, and the same to whoever on your left!
its what angels say to believers in heavens...Peace on you!
but yet, what's happening here is intolerable.
I wana talk about the CNN and UStoday...
we arranged a meeting where we invited people coming from falluja, and a reporter and photographer from UStoday, during the clashes period in falluja, then after hours of questionning them in our house, the article that was published in UStoday didn't say one word about falluja or people of falluja, it only took some sentences that mom said about Iraq, and the rest of the article talked about two Iraqi bloggers who were saying "American and Israel are our friends". How about that? I have been in this city since 1991, and I haven't seen one person who can say that sentence...sunni or shee, anti Saddam or pro Saddam, drunk or sober, not one person, but UStoday did it...They found two of them, two brothers actually.
and CNN. Ok...They talked to my mother on phone few times, then talked to me one time on phone, and everything was ok, then they came to my university, and took permission to enter Cameras in the campus then they filmed me there, and we went back home, had lunch all together with my family, and made a long interview....
guess what?
they didn't put it on TV!
I don't know, you tell me! Is it because we didn't say that "American and Israel are our friends" ?
you tell me!
its a nice sunny day, I am out, at an internet cafe...I had a good lunch, and I had my hair cut..I look like Jim Cary now, you can look at my head, think of anything, and reflect on it! LOL:)
I need to go home and get a bath...And then, I will study, inshalla.
take care of yourself!
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