Tell Me a Secret

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

this is my lovely grand ma,study her email:

Dear friends, (and I don't leave out Majid ) ~ you are a wonderfully talented family! And your blogs really do more to solidify friendship throughout the world than you probably imagine!
I write because I am very disturbed by all the MORONS who post idiotic comments on Khalid's blog. These are probably teenaged PUNKS just having their twisted "fun" ... but it is a bad thing to allow them to get away with their insults and disgustingly ignorant remarks. It only encourages more of the same.

I am writing to you, Raed, and you, Faiza, instead of only to Khalid, because I trust you can influence him with your excellent judgement.

I want to ask Khalid to PLEASE consider deleting those 'comments' - or just omit having any comments, at all. We are interested in what YOU have to say, and these morons cheapen your blog. I don't believe that removing distasteful comments would be 'censoring'. They are not worth the space they take up, and are unworthy of your attention. Seeing their silly, pitifully empty-headed insults in print evidently gives them a thrill. Unfortunately, we do have quite of few of those low IQ bubblebrains here in America. But they only deserve to be ignored. (don't allow them any 'credibility')

I feel very strongly that we have to try to develop serious, Intelligent communication between our people and all the people of the world.
The internet is a marvelous tool for fostering the never-before possibility of understanding and familiarity - we can become real friends with one another!! When I was young, I could only dream of knowing what the people 'on the other side' of the earth were really like. I could only imagine, and read and read and read... but never, ever, really know! Now we can actually share our daily events, our joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams. Let's make the most of it, and pass by the frivolous, insipid, stupid stuff....

Please, my dear friends, stay away from the dangers, don't let yourselves be caught up in the hatred and the fighting..... and stay safe, don't take any chances!!! God willing, this, too, shall come to an end. Sooner would be better than later, but here, in America, there are many many many people working to make our politicians hear us. We want the Bush administration to be impeached. We want our government and our military to start showing FAIRNESS, HUMANITY and JUSTICE to Iraq, we hope that we can prevail in getting them to hand over their occupation to the U.N., and to allow someone from the region, whom the Iraqi's can trust, to handle the formation of your government and your elections. Most of us do not agree with any of what they have done, but the money in politics here are so powerful that we people don't really have anything to say about what our government does anymore.

My understanding is that Iraq does need a lot of help in establishing your new government to prevent it from coming under the rule of what could amount to just another saddam... (?) and to ensure that all differing factions have a fair say. The Bush administration are talking about democracy but acting like tyrants, and most of us disagree and resent it deeply. America has always been the proud defenders of injustices. (Although, Lord knows there are too many here who have been brainwashed by the poppycock propaganda of: we are in Iraq "fighting for our freedom")

Many years ago, when I was in high school, I had a wonderfully intelligent science teacher. He insisted that we could "power the world with the energy we need, if we would harness the ocean currents." He also predicted that although it IS possible, it wasn't likely to happen ~ because, like the sun, it would be too hard to monoplize it. My prayer for our planet is that we PEOPLE can begin to work together, to strive for the Improvement of all our lives and the peaceful, compassionate solutions to our collective problems. It will be your generation, Khalid, Raed, and Majid, who may be able to bring that about. But hatred has to be put aside. Every religion has to be tolerated. All men must be respected. The concept seems so simple. But as my science teacher pointed out, usually it's the "profitable" solutions which prevail. I hope your generation can find a way to make Peace prevail in this sad, sad world.

with love and prayers for safety for you and all of yours,
a California grandmother, The World's Blog Aggregator