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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I wana say few things.
first: although some comments are really great, and makes me feel happy I made this section, there are others that, with all respect, mean and filled with hatery, and even worse: ignorance.
I respect all people, I am a religious Muslim, and i have a lot of Christian and Jewish friends,and few unbelievers, and I have a lot of American friends, and some American female friends too, few of my friends are American and Jewish at the same time (two disasters,LOL) but yet, they respect and love me as much as I respect and love them.
I am suni, but my mother is she'ee and my father is a communist, and raed doesn't believe in god, and majid wears black T-shirts and letsen to heavy metal.

my point is: I learned to respect and accept others.
I try not to have a pre-made judgment about anything, anyone.
I treat the taxi driver, with same respect that I show to the richest people I know, most of the time, I treat poor people better.
of course I treat religious Muslims in a special way, I would lie if I said that I don't.
the only people that I cant deal with, I cant love, are stupid people. I hate stupid people, they may be the only people I hate, not the less educated, the stupid, who refuses to learn.
it upsets me terribly when I see some of the comments, I think "oh my god, not another on of those", do you know what is the indicator to know them? I'll tell you: those are the ones who tell things, that are lies lies lies lies, stupid lies, that they,,,,,believe!
and the other indicator is: those people "think" that they are extra smart, extra polite, and always extra right.
it pisses me off.
I wana talk a bit about the Iraqi society, this will lead to something, follow me please:
in Iraq, specially after the gulf war and after the US government put sanctions on Iraq, everything started to crash down, everything, you name anything, economy, infra structure, health, everything, you just name anything and it would be right.
but one of the most important things is: education.
after the sanctions were put, the value of Iraqi Dennar slopped down dramatically, there was a time that 1 Iraqi Dennar was equal to 3.3$, yes, three point three US dollars, and during the sanctions, 1 US $ was equal to 3000 ID, can you imagine the difference?
the economy was completely destroyed, and the government wasn't paying enough salaries to the employees, I mean, school teachers were paid 3000 ID amonth, that is 1-1.5 $, A MMONITE.
so, those who were really good, and had the chance, left the country, and those who couldn't, starved, and started looking for other careers, using their cars as taxis, selling whatever, I know one of the teachers who was the assistant of the headmaster, and the second man in the school, who left his position and started working in a gas station, filling cars with gas and taking tips, he would probably make 5-10 thousands A DAY.
so, you can imagine what was the level of education offered by those who kept teaching because, mostly, they had nothing else to do.
ok, one sector of teachers are English language teachers, as in Iraq, pupils start to study English in the fourth grade, and continue till they graduate from hi school, but yet, and after 9 years of studying English, you'd hardly find someone who can make put one sentence together, except "I love you".
teaching sucks, teachers' information have not been refreshed since the beginning of the war, there are no charts at all, schools' buildings sucks, in most of the governorates and a lot of neighbor inside Baghdad, they didn't have enough desks for all students, or they had no desks at all, so people would send milk metal tans with their children, to put it on the floor and use it as chairs, and most of classes doesn't have even a fan, while temperature gets up to 50c, where 37c=100f.
sanctions caused the death of 1 million child, and the total destraction of 22 millions, in every aspect in their life.
the only person who wasn't touched by sanctions was Saddam, not a bit.
and they let t go for 14 years, 14 damn years of poverty and lack of medicine and basic life needs.
but yet, they let it happen, the USA, and the whole world, left Iraqi people suffer and die slowly for 14 long years, like they just forgot them, do you remember that movie when a prisoner sewed the pastel prison? He was sent to prison for stealing 5$ and was just forgotten there for years, I don't remember how many years now, because they just forgot him there!
the USA knew that Saddam want getting any hurt because of the sanctions, nor his family, and it never stopped him from doing whatever he was doing, and it cut Iraq of the world, allowing Saddam to build a world of his own, a world where he can kill and steal, a whole world that is separated of the real world, separated in all means, the sanctions were one of the greatest bullets that killed democracy in Iraq.
now, I wana talk a bit about the Iraqi bloggers: how come that Iraqi people, who live here and see what's really happens, who saw what the war did to Iraq, and what the US army is still doing, how come that some bloggers, welvome the occupation? I mean, USA government officially agrees that this is occupation, and those "Iraqi" bloggers, call it liberation?!! Does that make sense?
lets a bit about that: who are people who can speak English very well in Iraq, under all the conditions that I described?
there are few options really, the very minority, that had the chance to live outside Iraq, in the states or in Europe, and that is really rare, I hardly know any of those.
the other people who speak English very well, are young westernized people...Lets talk about them a little: young people who respect the west very much, specially USA, who litsen to western music, watch western movies, try to look like them, try to talk like them, you can usually recognize them as soon as you see them, the hair cut, the kind of shirts they wear, don't get me wrong, they look nice, I have nothing against that, just describing the picture for you
usually those people are rich, and more interested in western entertainment stuff, computer games and things like that, and some of them, basing on their good English, and financial situation, do use computers, the thing that led after, to using internet.
now, are they bad people?I am not saying that at all, but do they represent the Iraqi society?????? Not at all, they are a really realy small minority.
what I am trying to say, is that those who speak English and use internet, who know what is a blog, and how to run one, are a specific sector of the Iraqi society, a small minority, that doesn't represent this society.
there are other people of course who speak English well, like doctors, old ones specially, old engineers, "some" of the English teachers, some merchants who travel around the world, but those however, are rarely internet users, their life is too busy, and most of them lost the chance of learning how to use computers when they were younger, and those are for sure, not the one who are blogging.
Iraqi society is conservative, more likely to be called religious, and you wouldn't find these two properties in most of the bloggers.
all my respect to everyone, I just wanted to make a point here:)
thank you for letsinning.
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