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Monday, April 19, 2004

Hi again: i got this mail as an answer to my question:

If I were in charge of Palestine, I would adopt the non-violent methods of
Martin Luther King Jr and Ghandi. I would make sure every trespass of Israel
were well documented, video'd and put out to the world. I would use that evil
wall of Isreal as a canvas to mount pictures of the orphaned, the widowed and
the dead. I would send people in under cover of darkness to paint bloody true
life murals of the violence Israel has visited on Palestine. I would seek every
and all legal mind to file suits in every
court available, employing if possible the same lawyers that have won
successfull suits against Germany for Jews who lost goods in WWII, just to enjoy
the irony.
Every death would be met by a parade of children dress in white with their faces
painted as skulls. Let them try to slaughter them, the cameras are rolling. All
this must be done without one finger being raised against Israel, so that the
shame will eventually become unbearable, uncontestable and unsustainable. So
long as Israeli's suffer so much as a pin prick, they will use it to justify
their bloody oppression...but let there be no actions on the Palestine's part
and their role as the innocent wronged
party will speak loudly to the world.
Right now, the suicide bombings keep potential allies from being able to side
with them unreservedly. And they need the unreserved absolute support from those
that can give it.

If I were in charge if Israel, I would have those settlements disbanded so fast
it would make people's heads spin. I would set up a commission to evaluate the
losses of the Palestinians so that some sort of compensation could be made. I
realize many would want things that could not be done, but I would work to find
some sort of equitable solution for the loss of lands. I would try to find a way
to repair the damage done.
Am I silly and naive to think that if a Palestinian were not allowed to reclaim
their family home, that they might be appeased by being payed the value of what
they lost and perhaps reclaim some piece of that former home, be it a tree or
plant that they could take to their new home and start to set in roots in the
Palestinian state with some piece of history from their past.
If I were in charge (as I've dreamed since I was a very small child watching
footage of Vietnam, completely unaware that my own country was in charge of that
violence) things would be different. And I hope better., The World's Blog Aggregator