Tell Me a Secret

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

i am still alive, but the damn/bloody phone is not working, again.
i received this mail, i believe its interesting:

Dear Khalid, I couldn't find your comment section, so
I'm writing. First off I appreciate that you take the
time to write to the world, and it helps, believe me.

The only thing I can say about Israel, is maybe
something you didn't know: the USA has been paying
over $10B to Israel per year since the intifada
started in 2000. This is something like 10% of their
economy, and 20% of their government budget.

That means that the Israeli people are rewarded in
some way for the intifada. Not the dead ones of

The USA is giving Israeli voters an incentive to avoid
serious negotiation. The Israeli economy is not harmed
too much by the loss of business, because money from
the USA is payed out to the Israelis. The Israeli
government then takes on all the power that private
business used to have.

I am an American, so I don't really care to tell the
Palestinians or the Israelis what to do with their
countries. But the aid that the USA is giving Israel
is actually making things worse for them. And it's
making the USA a target, which has to end.

Eric, The World's Blog Aggregator