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Friday, February 27, 2004

i wounder why is it that all those who read the blog and mail me are over 30?? i am really looking forward to talk to anyone who is in early twenties..or the problem that the new generation is not really interested in whats happenning around? are they busy hanging out with there friends? i just dunno!
somebody tell me please:)
one of the strange things in iraq,which are many, is the weather...i hope that i used the right one may c the four seasons..and i am not kidding.
i clearly remember the picture that happened few years ago..when it was a sunny day..the sun was really strong that noon..and at the same time...there was ice coming down!!!! its not ice..the other thing..the smaller pieces of was coming down really heavy..while the strong sun was still there!
in iraq..summer takes maybe 9 or ten months...a REAL summer...if you parked your car under sun wouldnt be able to touch the stering wheel after 5 minutes...the toughest months are july and august...where it reaches over 50 happened once that it rained though...these days..i dont know what to ware...if i ware a coat i feel really hot at noon..if i didnt it may get really cold too.
believe me...poletics are not the only thing that we dont know how to deal with here:)
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