Tell Me a Secret

Thursday, February 26, 2004

i c that lots of my friends are angry...because of the (propoganda site) or the (one-side-of-the-story site) come on guys....cant we have a propoganda of our own sometimes? just for a while? i meen...those who are angry now are very close to understand how we feel since years about the western media.
i wana tell you a is about me..and it is sad.
few days ago...i lied.
i dont do that everyday...believe is completely against everything i believe in....and i hate it very much.
the purpose of that lie was intentions were good...that lie was supposed to make my life..and another person's better..from many sides.
everything went as i planned till the end.....then that person asked me "are you lying to me?answer me and'll believe you"
i said "yes..i lied"
my good intentions made no deference....
i lost that person's respect....and trust...a trust that i worked very hard to gain...and coasted me real efforts..and a long time of honesty was forgotten in a moment..because i lied.
tip of the day?
not even for their own good...not even if your intention are good...just dont do it.
i dont know how many years i will blame myself for this...
you dont want to feel what i feel..believe me., The World's Blog Aggregator