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Saturday, February 14, 2004

mom is back!! finally :)))))) gonna discribe the family positionning chart for the last weeks:
khalid and raed ------>jordan
one weeek later
mom and majid------->jordan
few days later
majid ad khalid------->baghdad
one week later
mom and raed-------->baghdad
one day later
raed and dad---------> dubai and then australia.
am fine..everything is nice.
for those who asked,,,,she liked the gift.
for those who dont know what the heck am i talking about...never mind:)
now and while am blogging...majid called..and in the background it was my mother's angry voice...u know that mom came just two days that was she just discovered that the tape recorder in my room is missed.
i gave it to hamsa ..and mom really hates hamsa..she thins that she willll steal her beloved son :))
ok goona bring it back today..she just borrowed it :)
yalla sorry..i gotta go..since i became so slim..i allowed myself today tp order a pizza and a pepsi..and the reataurant waiter which is right next to the internet cafe is telling me that my pizza is gonna be really cold if i dont go now..
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