Tell Me a Secret

Sunday, December 21, 2003

SO...and since my stories always start with so, i'll share this story with you.
Couple of days of the guys in my class decided to give us a break of the "structures" lesson, basically, the doctor is a nice, alittle bit dull person..he is so "ROSS" from friends.
my wiked friend..bought a really big "taraqa" which is kind of a very loud fire work..and he made some arrangmetsnt so he can fire it up from his place in the classroom.
ok, few silent moments passed..while everyone was actually it was b o o o m...and everyone stood up at the same moment and the students started to scream " a booomb..doctoorrr..we dont wana die here..we cant give that much in the line of eduacation..our parents expect to c us again..etc" while the girls started to scream and it was a reallllyy big mess.
the poor doctor was really astonished..he decided to take the lead and act according to his he started shouting" my children..calm down..if we were supposed to die here we will die here..we must be strong..we shouldnt let this stop us from living our lifes.."and so on. it was a big comedian seen.. which gave us a reason to laugh for minutes..but at the same breaks your tears out when you remember, that everyday in Baghdad,,,this could happen to you for real., The World's Blog Aggregator