Tell Me a Secret

Saturday, December 20, 2003

am still busy with my exams..can you emagine what is it like to live in baghdad now AND got o university at the same time?
sure you cant..propably now your sitting somewhere in hawayee having fun and enjoying reading my amazing blog...grrrr.
i'll tell you what.
I wake up at 7 am while my uni starts at 8:20,,knowing that the road takes about 20 minutes.
the reason for sure, is not that am such a hyper active is to things actually, the first thing is thanks to our *friends* the most important streets in baghdad are closed, for security reasons, or just cause Bramer Husein like it that way,,who cares..the thing that made baghdad a big piece of trafic jam,,the other reaosn is that i have to stop in the street for a reeaally long time in order to find a taxi, cause the road is 20km, mostly hi-way streets..and no one have enough petrol in his car to afford this journy. fill your either stop in the q for 12 continuious hours sometimes,and yet sometimes you may not get lucky enough to get your 30 Liters of petrol (which is the max limit) ..OR buy it from the black market..for 20 times doubled prices, comparing to the pre-war period..AND by that you'd be riscking being *caught* for buying from the black market, the thing that garantees you 10 YEARS in preson, the prison of our librating friends.
did i forget to thank them for librating us? rude!, The World's Blog Aggregator